Wednesday, 8 May 2019

My blog and its features

I follow the lead of one of my favourite bloggers, Underbaraclara, who recently explained how she works with her blog.

A major difference is that blogging is Clara's full-time job. My isn't. But I, too, strive for variation of topics and having only my own photos on the blog. The latter makes it very difficult to take photos of myself - and I still have heaps to learn when it comes to light. You take a photo, it seems fine, you are happy - there is material to publish. Then I preview it before pressing "publish" and it now appears so dark, so dark. For some time I was proud to never change the light settings, to show how "true" and "natural" everything is. Turns out, what the eye perceives, what the camera delivers and how photos are perceived in contexts during different seasons (!) and online (which is very lit-up from the background) is a particular kind of visual art to master.

Of course I plan for content. Some posts are scheduled for October, some a worked on piece by piece. Some of the longest posts I am working on are "35 great facts about books", "When politics is fun - or is it?" and "cute foods". I can access some statistics and see which countries you readers are from (except one person - you are from an "unknown region" Google doesn't know about, how cool) and have a hunch of which posts are the most popular. The Museum Mission category is one, My bling-bling & raiments another (i.e., my outfits). I want it to be worthwhile for you to come and visit (I liked this formulation by the interior designer Frida, known for her blog Trendenser: "[take a] digital walk"), but as time is not something I always have, the final result can sometimes be the next best. I definitely want to entertain and am happy that my blog is read about 16,500 times a year worldwide.

9careersatonce (I once named it so because I had nine jobs when I started this blog) appeared on another blog I follow, Sandra Beijer - one of the most known professional bloggers in Sweden. She gave the advice to everyone who is listed: it is not self-centered to publish a lot of pictures of oneself, on the contrary! It shows the reader who the person behind the blog is. I have to agree, at the same time as I often has seen my blog as my eyes: you get to see what I have seen, and I only see myself in the mirror. 

And maybe least expected: 90% of the time, I blog from my phone. 

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  1. Jag har också bara egna bilder på bloggen, tycker det blir roligast så. Men så är jag intresserad av fotografi också, fast.. kanske inte egentligen. Tycker nog det är allra roligast att dokumentera och hoarda minnen åt mig själv, mer än själva fotograferandet. Har också provat att ha ett schema nu, för jag vill blogga mer regelbundet än jag har gjort de senaste åren men ibland flyr tiden en. Med ett schema blir jag påmind om att dagarna rullar och att jag borde få tummen ur, det har gått reko hittills!

    Att posta bilder på mig själv är nog det jag tycker är svårast. Har aldrig gått ut offentligt (aka bland folk jag känner) att jag har en blogg och är lite wallflower även om jag tycker det är roligt att ha en blogg. Nu har jag en bild på mig själv som presbild och det känns konstigt, men jag ska kväva känslan av att folk kan känna igen mig och tycka att jag är töntig för.. jag bryr mig alldeles för mycket om vad random folk kan tänkas tycka om mig. Def något jag måste sluta med.