Sunday, 5 May 2019

Gardener's Dream (before the trick "mice ears")

Do you think gardeners invite each other home to brag with their gardens? Or high tech refrigerators for their seeds? Is there a yearly challenge to make some curious plant survive? If any gardener reads this, please DO tell, if you have the time. And - this would be my bragging flower. It's a poppy, blue as the sky, which I hope survives till July. That is when it begins to bloom.
My garden is my balcony. A happy surprise was when leaves started to show on my gooseberry tree. And when a rose got new buds! The other, stripy pink rose didn't really make it through the frost, but a gardener told me it can be brought back to life if I start only after "the green leaves on the birch tree are the size of a mouse's ears". I looked at the birch tree across my home. Perfect. I had to wait another week. (Then I googled images of mice to be sure about the size, then I googled the weather and decided this maybe is the cold year when the birch can continue with its business but my plants need more warmth first.) 
Meanwhile, the extraordinary tulips I got from Kivik's apple festival, in Kivik, were preparing for their act. In a garden closer to the ground, the deers would have considered them Michelin guide cuisine and swallowed them without chewing.
Here, I thought that I would publish POFF photo no. 1 of one blooming tulip, POFF photo no. 2 of the second and POFF the third has started shows signs of life. But it's cold again! So cold they have to take their time. Poor plants :(

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