Thursday, 13 June 2019

When I was a dj in Brussels

The crowd was immense at this artistic hour. Well, not really true, but the following is: I will be busy again, folks. For a week or so. So talk to you again on Friday next week, maybe? A dear friend is coming to visit you see, and the dear friend will meet another friend of mine and we plan to enjoy (kayak in?) the archipelago, and a third friend will hopefully get me and her tickets to Vienna - we'll see.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Expectations and how it actually went: Stonehenge

Some readers might remember I was aiming to visit Stonehenge last year.

I expected stones, a little rough around the edges, to be placed like giants' dominos. That the landscape around would be vast, the wind lasting, the tourists be fascinated but also look a little lost in an adventure kind of way and throw curious glances at each other: "Maybe YOU understand?" "Each stone 25 tons, right?" And maybe think of the Stonehenge song.

So - we got to Bath (for Jane Austen reasons), which is not too far away from Stonehenge, and prepared to do the (almost) impossible to get to Stonehenge. We had googled all routes and it is really not optimised for travellers who choose to go by bus, and if it was a particular, guided, tour, it also included a visit to a city we didn't want to visit to a price we didn't want to pay.

So we went to a pub (the coolest in town, supposedly full with singles even on a Sunday night and one of the few pubs still open) and found the lovliest staff: a Portugese manager, whom I wish the best of careers, said that one of her colleagues had just been to Stonehenge recently. He was reluctant to get out his phone, as it was against the policy, but, again, the manager was lovely.

And we got to see the photos. And we were not intrigued. Most importantly: you can't get very close, it's not allowed. The British photographer was not very impressed himself, but said that it MIGHT be possible to get closer if we had come on the day of summer solstice - which we, of course, had missed with about 72 hours. The charm of this particular day is that the sun shines though the slots in a perfect filmic way.

So, if you want to go - summer solstice this year is on June 21st.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

The wedding outfits are.the most.difficult

This is before the Spanish wedding I was invited to (a funny story). I had some ideas back then that the couple who invited me thought would outshine the bride (it involved a VERY pink, large dress from Pinterest and some haute couture details Pinterest almost never leaves the source to). This time, as a bridesmaid, I still can wear basically anything but shorts - it's a special party, after all - but the creation needs the right colour, and this colour needs to be chased. I think I have found the top, so now I want a long skirt that looks and feels like a dream. In that colour. Olive green recommendations, anyone? 
And there is another thing: the hair. Bride's friend has opted to do it, and I can come with suggestions that aren't too complicated. *insert images of braids that require entire teams to be done*

Monday, 10 June 2019

Nice from the recent

- Made a professor in gender smile when I asked a clever question about how we will think of knowledge and research in 100 years.

- Made another professor, in physics (same party), smile of enthusiasm: I suggested what he should do to make a magazine accept his article about the electron being a wave.

- At a play I saw at the Opera in Stockholm, they actively involved the prompter and gave her party tickets from the stage, told her jokes and she - it was a she - stretched out her arm by the end, which was clad with a glittering blue bracelet, to shake hands with the unusually social conductor, who was keen to share his fame with the crew also when waving bye from the stage.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Wisdoms from the masseuse

Sometimes you just click and good things happen. The masseuse I was lucky to meet in Stockholm didn't do the ordinary - massaging the back and the front for about an hour - but we TALKED ABOUT MUSCLES AND THE SKIN and how to take care about the body. Something I absolutely want to share! This stuff is absolutely basic, but nevertheless easy to forget. 

1. Drink water.
We know this, but the effects of not drinking enough are not fully as known: the body takes water from the muscles if we don't drink enough, which can create sleepless nights, tensions and headaches. 

2. Scrub the body.
Twice a week, to not scrub the skin away entirely is enough. Reasons: it increases the blood circulation and cleanses the skin enough to remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, which will permit nourishing creams to enter deeper into the skin.

3. Use creams/oils.
This gives the skin nutrition and keeps it smooth, as in not beauty (which is a nice bonus), but as in more agile. Like - the skin will follow your body's movements more easily. There are also oils you can put in when you take a bath which your body will absorb while floating around for 15 minutes.

My own recommendations: talk to someone who knows their creams, don't just buy one. You have to try the cream to see if you like the texture and beware a) you need to keep the routine for at least three weeks in a row for any effect b) choose one category and stick to it. There are two to choose from: chemically based creams and creams based on natural ingredients. If you mix the two kinds, it will stress the skin and the outcome can be... not as nice.

4. Take care of the muscles. 
It's a long process - they tend to not change that easily. So: you can massage them yourself. One way to "reboot the system" is massaging the cavity you find between the ear and the neck (follow the edge of the skull and you will feel it), one on each side, using your thumbs. After a longer massage or exercises, it's good to use a cream that penetrates into the muscles for a few days in a row to stimulate them. Also, setting a routine of stretching every day is important, more important than going to the gym.

5. Take care of your feet.

Put them in a hot bath with sea salt for about 15 minutes from time to time. It relieves the tensions.

6. Eat good food.

7. Sleep.

Happy taking care!

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Spying on cute guys (during the Lyon with surroundings trip)

BLESS the selfie mode on cameras. All spies in the world are grateful, and me - for being able to look at the table behind us.

Speaking of spying. An acquintance is married to a woman who comes from a "closed" city in Russia (they are a few). To enter and to leave this military city permission is a must, and when he comes to visit the family, authorities tell him he will be followed. They sit outside their house in a car with a translator for the entire stay, and after the two weeks ended, my acquintance was given a comment by the spy: "your wife speaks really good Swedish".
One of the best compliments?..

Friday, 7 June 2019

Takumi Nemoto - politics in Japan and #KuToo

So the minister of HEALTH insists on females to wear heels? Heels that have no good effects on the body, but cause problems only?

Thursday, 6 June 2019

The best way to apologise is with rhubarbs

"Do you like rhubarbs? I thought I should ask. I wanted to compensate for not being able to lunch with you on Tuesday."
So she brought rhubarbs from her garden! Which are so tall they reach almost to her shoulders! And she is very good at explaining how to cook with a few words and gestures, so now I know exactly how to make a drink. You cut it to pieces, put in chunks of lemons, let them stay the night, boil that with sugar and filtrate what can be filtrated. 


Wednesday, 5 June 2019

More fun from Hamburg

I liked this ascetic, self-made fruit bowl at the apartment very much. Not visible on photo, to the left: the young man who Ilo thought could be an interesting date. He gave me candy, miniature cakes from his childhood and lent me his computer. Then Ilo and I went to a park in her old neighbourhood with flowers and water "sports".
I "won".
Started out playfully.
Don't worry, it never got deadly serious. 
There is also a pond with the same concept, but you compete in teams. Fun if your friends or partner don't lose it when they are about to score.
Good job, Jana!
The flowers, we thought, is also a good thing for a date. They have their names written next to them on small signs, so you could say, "Let's meet at a pink 'Eden'."
It will take time, but be so cute.
The usual.
That night we went to a party (if it says it starts 8 p.m., come at 11 p.m. and the best will happen around 2 p.m.) in a cellar with a sex swing hanging from the ceiling and one of the guests wearing a big chain, for example. Peculiar: people smoke indoors in Germany, but amazingly it was still possible to breathe and didn't smell bad the first maybe ten cigarettes! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Fun with a fan, a pink dress and a delightful braid (all in Hamburg)

 Time for the Hamburg report! First - I saw a museum-like exhibition with glass labyrinths in an ordinary shop. Dress - I mean, candy of fabrics - available online, of course. 
 Ilo has created new creations with my hair. From the side.
 From the back.
And semi-front. 
 We went to a café specialised in oatmeal. 
 They have very nice staff and a soft toy by the window for sitting (or hugging, everyone has their own big soft toys at cafés interpretations).
At a store, I found a well-placed fan. Sidenote: weather in Hamburg pends like a clock, from hot and 23 degrees to sudden rain. This was during those hot hours.
 At least one person turned around and smiled at this idea.
 Singers do this all the time, and models, and hopefully more customers ahead.

Tomorrow, I will try to upload a video of a fun thing we found in a park.

Monday, 3 June 2019

When yours truly ate cake among sportive women

You know you have reached a new stage of food knowledge when you take a bite of the tosca-covered brownie-based pastry and think The cook is not schooled by the Italian tradition. I kept taking a few bites, and so realized I was the girl with the cake - and the people around me were women in sports clothes. We all got off the subway, the sporty women, cake and I, and they went for a running competition. 

Sunday, 2 June 2019

From the recent

- I burned my left foot with tea (it's perfectly logical) and put it under cold water immediately. It was freezing as the opposite of paradise, but my foot felt nothing (!). Is this how ducks feel in the winter during a swim? I was still able to walk. Body I love you. 

- I got a picknick bag as a gift and inside was a book to read during the summer vacation. I gave the book away a few minutes later to a colleague who got very happy, as it matches a reading project she has with her family. 

- The Royal Opera has tried to get hold of me about six times now. (I was flattered the three first calls.) An operette I had the tickets to - The Merry Widow - was cancelled, the message was, and replaced with something else and modern. Would I still want to go, or change my tickets for another day? 

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Among the most peculiar postcards received

And when they come, they come many at once. (This is in Switzerland by the way.) 
One had a ghost writer. Really. In a good sense.
Another had to be cut up.
A third was an anti-utopian message, literally translated to "Greetings from Brussels you don't want to have", was written BY HAND and sent from a Swedish political party to get my vote. With a heart instead of a dot above the "i" in the message. WHAT.

Current count: I have sent 41, received 26.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

That day we did not get to see Mont Blanc (story from the Lyon with surroundings trip)

 30 minutes up this "hill" - a walk the local celebrity has done for I think as many years (and that is what he is famous for) -
and you get a good view of an area where the grapes are so precious, roads have been converted to more cropped land. The soil here makes the future wines very expensive. And far, far away - about 130 kilometers is Mont Blanc, today covered by cloud rideaus. 
 We took mandatory selfies, I mean, groupies.
But Mont Blanc is, as it is so far away, very dependent on the slightest clouds. We even compared with previous photos of it from the same spot when it was visible before and concluded that alas, another time. Would this have been a riddle, I would have asked: can you see it? In the middle?

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Hello Hamburg

Today I flew to Hamburg! I am staying for a couple of days. Ilo and I have a tight schedule, which encompasses seeing her new flat, a party on Thursday, cozy dinners and I am bringing her a small surprise she can use for future picnics. I have scheduled blogposts meanwhile, don't worry.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Ideas giveaway: Weaved combination of materials with no seams

Principle for the ideas giveaway: go ahead, use it, apply it! I would be happy to see it on the market. 

This is the idea's origin: polyester can be so beautiful. It moves in the wind and is easy to dye and print motives on. But around the waist, it is not as comfortable - it is not soft and makes you sweat. SO. Instead of making a pant or a skirt or a top where the upper part is of cotton and the bottom is added another piece of fabric with stitching, which could look clumsy, WEAVE the combination - gradually from one fabric to another - from the start. Yes, more expensive, yes, requires more planning for the cut from the start, but SO MUCH MORE elegant. Let me demonstrate this additionally with a drawing. Do you see the greatness?

Monday, 27 May 2019

The void compliment

 These shoes - not possible to tell from the photos here, so trust my description - are glittering and perforated. So - if hot, they are less hot. If cold, they let in more of the warmth when you are indoors.
Never ever has a shoe (mind you, with planned holes!) gotten as many compliments. Children have stopped on the streets and opened their mouths and stared at them amazed. Adults have stated they have seen nothing of the kind and that they match my outfits very well. Well, if we look at this from a historical perspective, a colleague saw another pair years ago and said: "I really would like to see the other part of your shoe wardrobe." Dear colleague, I am working on it!

Sunday, 26 May 2019

A true fashion shoot

 Advisors would say it's all about the hair, wouldn't they?
 And duck lips (but natural) and the right angle of eye lids when closed. Simply, an eye lids expression, you know.
 And always with natural movements, when you pretend the wind is on your side and will do the best to flatter you. (At shootings they have huge fans.)
 "Just be yourself" (what, no, take a photo of me when I lie) and enjoy the lovely destination you have been sent to as a model. Because some gigs are in real snow and yet you have to wear a bikini.
 "Fashion hide and seek."
 Some say I would do great videos. Become a vlogger. Maybe so. This makes me think of hair tutorials, and those I have no plans to do. 
But we could try other topics! Let me think of it over the summer.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Good news! Photos available!

 I briefly mentioned there are 12 gig of photos and movies from the Lyon with surroundings trip. NOW I HAVE THEM ALL!!! Jérémy simply gave me a flop disk à 20 gig which I carried home in the rain, and now follows the 50/50 boring/fun part of going through every single photo taken. Relax, stay tuned, and I will work on the editorial magic.
(Behind us is a TGV railway track. Those trains travel too fast to captivate.)