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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The vague kissing guide - how to be a great kisser and get great kisses

Why this post? Because we don't talk about kissing in our society circa never ever. If you like someone very much and that person likes you back and both of you want to kiss, here is a great vague kissing guide. I think: kissing can be pure magic.

1. Embrace the moment and 2. take it slow. You really, really should be wanting to kiss the person, and when you approach those lovely lips, do it slowly - there is zero hurry, this is your moment. The person will then most likely wait for your approach and you can decide how long this lovely moment will take.
Rating: 5/5 movie stars

3. Choose a part of the lips to kiss. It can be the corner of the mouth, just the upper part of the lower lip, the Cupid's bow.
Rating: *all 1800's artists would love this image to freeze so that they can paint it*

4. Choose which parts of your own lips you want to come forward first. Also: combine the movements of your lips with the movements of your head.

5. Apply different pressures of the lip.

6. Let go of the kiss, and then kiss again. And again. The key here are the intervals.

7. At some point, smile while kissing.

8. With the tip of your tongue, you can softly part the person's lips.

9. Hand placement. 

10. Temperature is fairly important. If you have cold lips or tongues for some reason, kiss right after having a hot cup of tea!

11. Add the tip of your nose. To be stroken lovingly.

12. Of course you can "kiss the alphabet" (literally shaping the letters of any alphabet to touch different parts of the mouth and tongue - BUT, the idea is not to stick to the letters in order, just to have a starting point; you shall get lost in the moment and forget about the letter almost right away). Better put: you always kiss half the letter of the alphabet. Most important: communicate. You "listen" with your tongue to the other person's tongue, and you "guide". Also delightful: ask the person to press the tongue against yours. 

13. Make it fun, it doesn't have to be dead serious - but tell in advance before trying more unusual takes.

Comments from readers:
"I am surprised how much you emphasise the liking of the person. I don't recognise this at all."
Thank you for the input – not commenting on persons, just the kiss itself. 
"Kissing the alphabet doesn't work."
It certainly doesn't, especially if one is aiming to get through A-Z - that is not kissing anymore. Half of each letter of the alphabet + passion, though!

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