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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Museum Mission: Mångkulturellt centrum

MKC has existed since 1987.
Here, cultures meet, democracy is discussed, 
ideas of freedom and inspired by various sources
and people hang out for a coffee, to paint and that Sunday it smelled like popcorn, so popcorn activities apparently also happen :)
As it's election year, there is information about how to start your party, who has the right to vote and important, related dates.
Migration is a big part of the current exhibition, with quite some satire. Satire almost never makes you happy, and this was not exactly cheerful either.
I liked the burn-style of some texts.
And this abstract bin.
As a journalist at Dagens Nyheter put it: the price I pay to have a safe and secure society includes me relying on the police to carry some kind of fear along. An interesting thought.
I think this place probably is great in the summer for get-togethers (which I wanted to join two years ago, it seemed very nice). There are legal graffiti walls just outside as well; I asked a guy who was waiting for his turn how it works. Well: count on that your sprayed tags will last for as long as the next person in line has not started covering it with his/hers paint.

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