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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Let's dance and discuss politics singing

Good music stuff from recently!

First: the song I used to dance zumba to, it's GREAT. If you try dancing to it, you will quickly figure out why:
I have wanted to know what the song and singers are called. I could have been perfectly well off without their hot pants, but I totally understand if they had to cut the jeans short because of budget shortage.
And some relaxing music with an abundance of political references, taking a stand against wars and loan sharks. Jack Johnson is not that famous everywhere, he should be, though.
This album is partly better, but that is because "Banana pancakes" and "Better together" are big favourites of mine. Difficult to sing along to, but then more admiration left for the poet.
"Bomba estéreo" used to mean "cool party" - in the 90's or so. Song is party regardless!
Then, I missed what a good part of the world's population did not. This apparently is a hit, but it escaped my attention even on the radio channels. You know, as they say: as luck would have it. Nice to tango to! 

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