Saturday, 29 April 2017

A year ago: in Amsterdam

Colourful sealing waxes are extinct in Sweden (if they were ever bred), so oh the joy when I found this letter-specialised shop on Amsterdam's streets. The jar I got is now almost completely empty. 
Friend and I found a park with water to play with and a "café" serving Turkish wraps, a popular local thing, with the most relaxed guy. "How long is this gonna take?" "I only have two hands." Ok, so it takes what it takes. At least it's honest service. 
These guys are definitely not from here AND got it all wrong. First: King's day, when you wear orange, is over. Second: you don't play football on the street.
The central streets are really crowded, back then also with a temporary theme park entertainment.
I remember asking if I needed my jacket when packing. Now when I see these shy leaves, I know that the answer was yes for a very good reason. While I imagine Sweden as very cold because I am at a warm place myself, I portraited The Netherlands as very warm when I was in Sweden.
But there were hot moments too.
Some mandatory Amsterdamy buildings and channels, yeah yeah, let's get it over with.
While we are at it, here is a public toilet.
I remember being lyric about this house. First, it was yellow and shiny and surely a favourite by everyone else on Instagram. Second, it had no basement. All bicycles were stored on the ground floor and visible for bypassers. That is much nicer than being under ground for no reason! 

Friday, 28 April 2017

In Mazarron and Murcia

 It has been very sunny recently, but now it's colder and even rainy.
 In Mazarron, we could see the rain clouds tearing off its parts and throw them to the ground. 
 For that view, you had to go up this lovely wooden staircase.
 The water was freezing, by the way. 
 My sandals and feet got wet after seconds.
*wind blows* *a handful of tourists around*
And cute yellow flowers! 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Glimpses of Fuensanta

View over Murcia is very nice from here. Some nuns live at the monastery, next to the shop, which is never open for the public. 
There are quite a few spots to discover for adults as well as children. 
Car friends.
If you have vertigo, don't worry, you are safe where you are. (The blue is not a pool but more a fountain with no water.) To the left, caves. Out of frame though.
A private property and a café with a view next to it. Café is also out of frame.
If you turn around here, you will see something nice with a valve.
The edge where couples/tourists/sporty people that made it all the way up here sit and admire something that starts with a v and ends with an iew ;)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Ideas for research (maybe ongoing right now!)

If I were a researcher of multiple fields, I would analyse:

The public relationship/communication skills of Daesh. For being so few, they are quite well-known. Literally: all publicity is good publicity for them, or sother they think.

The optimal vibrational tones combined with the tunes of an alarm clock for our bodies. It cannot be healthy to wake up to horrible sounds every morning, is my assumption, and I assume further there is a way to find out what kind of signals are best for each and one of us. We know from before that there are frequencies which can make the lungs collapse or disturb pacemakers, so what about "positive frequencies"?

Friday, 21 April 2017

Fashion timez!

This will be a wonderful log to look back at when I grow older. This sweater might be with me, because it remains unchanged wherever I take it. Brand: Escorpio! Famous in Spain for its quality, among those who care for items to wear.
How bloggy isn't this?! Successful bloggers these days are called influencers and tend to travel to hot places, like this, and take hot artsy photos, like this.
This is an H&M skirt wind never can blow up that made the saleswoman behind the counter burst out that she wanted to buy one for her daughter, too. That if anything is a great compliment: when fashion people whole-heartedly support your taste.
I don't envy models that get to work in dazzling sun.
Insider info: this top was in particular purchased for my Spain trip. It has been very useful, I don't deny that, but who knew that it was TOO WARM for a sunny day? It's biggest asset is the straps that can be tied into bows.
So, what, half a year till next fashion shot, as usual?

Thursday, 20 April 2017

In Torrevieja

 Touristy Torrevieja! During our maybe two and a half hours here, we heard seven different languages, at least three variations of English and saw a Swedish real estate firm (with doubtful word placement but with good intentions surely).
 This is like a terrace that is a bridge. From the sea side you see, it is quite cold (refreshing). 

Under the bridge it is savanna hot, a parking all day for 2 euro (this makes some people very happy to know) and the asphalt is reserved for special kind of vehicles :)
 When sunset announced, we hurried to see the famous pink salty lake.
 Which is a protected area, it seems, but people occasionally take swims and come here to hang out. Even a bridal couple was here for photoshoots!
The lake, however, was not particularly pink. Well, this is the pinkest it gets. On Google earth it was more pink = colourful expectations. Was this the right lake? We hope so. If you are willing to recognise some warm tones in this pic, I would meet your argument with that this was at sunset - the time when a local had said was the best moment to see the place.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

"Día del bando de la huerta" (which was yesterday)

Party all day! This Murcian holiday restaurants have asked for permission to serve a bigger area outdoors,
youth gets drunk,
many people eat out
and surely 91% of the people dress up like in the 1800's.
Women tend to wear mens' clothes as they are more practical,
but there are many beautiful, embroidered dresses too.
Does it look crowded? It was.
The cathedral also got new "clothes". And now even a Murcian person had admitted it is summer! Now when it is 30 degrees Celsius in the sun...