Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Around the globe - but long, long ago

"I am not into antiquities", I answered to the question about how old I thought the globe on the bookshelf was. I reasoned further:

"These days, things can be produced to look authentic. Though it does look broken..."

"Look at the names", said my acquintance, and I gasped.
Really old. Could be a great gift for someone who likes history and geography. Prof. d:r Krauses Nya Handels- och Samfärdsglob, with old Swedish spelling. Stated to be new and adapted for merchants, with dotted lines - all you need to know about telegraph cables, steam boat tours, important flight routes, railway routes and which lakes boats can sail in. Not the least, my favourite: the spark-gap transmitter's placements (gnisttelegraf in Swedish). 

Second favourite: if one takes a really close look, one can tell that special stickers have been glued on what used to be Austria-Hungary, which probably implies there were many copies of this map from the start that have been modified since it was first printed... before, or in, 1918.

Scale 1:38 600 000.

Let's take a tour.

At this time, Yugoslavia still was a country.
So was Siam
(in the old Indochina, in Swedish also known as Bortre Indien), 
And above Korea, there was Manchukuo. (The resolution is nah, absolutely. The explanation is that this globe is so old it is covered by a layer of sticky dust.) Manchukuo existed in1932-1945, so we get a hunch of our globe being from within this time slot.
There also was Persia, Baluchistan, Belgian Congo, British India, British Egyptian Sudan (which is a complicated matter, just like the other de jure), Abyssinia (The Ethiopian Empire), Betsujanaprotektoratet (in Swedish) but Bechuanaland Protectorate in English, South Rhodesia and North Rhodesia, South African Union, Italian Somaliland (which, as I understand it, merged into Italian East Africa in 1936 - so our globe is from 1932-1936!), Portuguese East Africa (Moçambique), a small Poland and the Sunda islands - to name a few. (Sunda islands still is a name in use, but the way the name is written on this globe, it seems to have been used as the name of one of the countries - probably Indonesia, as the majority of the jurisdiction of these islands belong to Indonesia today.)
Of course with a compass on the foot.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tasty mail + choir

This year started exceptionally well parcel-and-letter-wise:
 I got chocolate directly in the letterbox! Which was tasty! Double joy, covered in several layers of paper, just perfect for the right suspense. 
I think my camera broke to some extent, so sorry about the tilted Christmas tree, which is a belated invitation to a concert in January by my deceased friend's parents. This year, I finally can go!

Monday, 14 January 2019

A lunch at the van der Nootska palace - a recommendation

 It's scarce with the photos, I know,
 but believe me when I say the food is very tasty, filling and the staff very kind. You can also have a look around in the 1600's environment, of course with crystal chandeliers etc.
This is van der Nootska, at Södermalm in Stockholm, only open at lunchtime on weekdays. 

Saturday, 12 January 2019

The neighbour chronicles.



"The LOW cost"


Says any standard ad about habitation.
Lemme also introduce a piece of free entertainment:


One in particular, someone who lives above me and I have never met but have HEARD so much about. 

My neighbour thinks it's a good idea to start a party 1 a.m. Then it's an even better idea, my neighbour showed, to have a second party at 3 p.m., on a weekday, of course.

My neighbour exercises. Something jumping, using a skipping rope. Sometimes using a heavy object my wildest ear fantasy cannot think of. That thing that went viral, when someone on the Internet said "Had I known my neighbour had a pony, it would all have made sense", could have been a bit true. Except there is no pony.

My neighbour appreciates hard rock as "come on, you can do it"-music, preferably all the adjacent apartments' walls vibrating to spread the vibe, we can say, if we want to be using positive terms.

My neighbour enjoys playing online games with sound effects from time to time. My neighbour & friends are good losers, because no one has ever screamed "OH NO I LOST" or even close. No one has ever screamed, actually. Thumbs up.

My neighbour has had a phone conference with probably India 4.47 a.m. till 6.00 a.m. about sensitive matters, judging from the tone.

Most recently: my neighbour puts on Cuban salsa music and SINGS ALONG. But not really accordingly, if you hear what I mean.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Fluffy mittens - how hard can it be? (Plus some clothing reflections.) Part I

You just guess and cut, huh? I guessed and cut out of paper first. 
Then I cut again,
and again,
and the same for the second mitten. Note that all the fluffiness is meant to be inside, because what is the point to not give your hands the best treatment? The downside of this is the looks. I've tried it before, to ignore the looks of clothing and just go with the feeling. Literally, I ordered a hoodie of a silk and cotton mix and didn't look in the mirror. It felt awesome, relaxing and comfortable. Then I peeped and the mirror reflection was NOT a pleasant view (why is that button here? Why does it stretch so weird there?). I sighed and returned it. 
Second dilemma is how to make the wrist part tighter for the fluffy preciousness not to fall off. With a hair clip? Some rubber? Just sew it in a little? I went for rubber that matched beautifully with two roses (cliffhanger omg how did THAT look?). Speaking of fluffy, all the fluff of this fabric flew around me had I carried a miniature sheep with me that I cut a little all the time. 

Last test is: will it be warm enough? I prefer it to be - I will go to Kiruna in February and really don't want to come back without fingers. So came thw day when I took them out for a walk and then walked hurriedly inside again. Check - a second layer needed. Maybe I shall be smart and sew it to allow for padding to be inserted? Oh I am so smart. 

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Cracking a story (he, he)

 Gold and history! 
 Yours truly has been to the Opera house in Stockholm! I was asked if I was the solist by my ride.
 No, I told her, but I will have my own show later this year. And she was interested in coming, yay! I shall get started with the promotion bit more anytime now.
 This night's show was a ballet though, not standup or opera, but a Swedish take on the Nutcracker. It's kind of family tradition. Always sweet and with cute costumes. I liked the crackers in red skirts a lot. Before, there was a bird on roller skates. Snowmen seem to stay permanently. New this year was a real poodle (!).
 We discovered that my brother is too tall for the top seats; his legs simply do not fit. Next time, we have no option but to sit downstairs. Or ask for long legs discount? 
And this was the most jolly crowd. Content and tapped discretely along with the music.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Museum Mission: Sickla ovan och under (Sweden)

"I'll be back", the underground machine said. (For younger readers, this is a Terminator reference. Watch The Terminator, he is sweet in a sci-fi way.)

Welcome to today's underground tour, dear readers. Hosted by: Länsmuseet, Nacka municipality and the companies Atlas Copco and Atrium Ljungberg. Tickets booked through Dieselverkstaden in Sickla, just a little outside of Stockholm. I am not sponsored, rather facilitating for you to find this museum on your own.
Conference under ground.
A drill of cool chemical compounds that are researched on.
I come to think about references to the Matrix, do you?
Stone is probably even stronger than one thinks. I asked a geologist I know once, how to think of its strength. He said that on a stone tunnel with houses on it, the houses can be calculated as if not there (!).
So what is this museum about? You learn about the industrial history of the place by going under the ground, through a building one normally wouldn't notice (if you are used to big entrances to malls like I am). You get to wear helmets for protection and see exhibitions about techniques for different drillings and explosions and the machines necessary. 
And the exit is at a compleeetely different place, how cool.
What is underground's "Yes, captain"?