Monday, 18 November 2019

Ha-ha from the recent

Meet my colleague the unicorn. She is nice, friendly and has an entire ventilation system as a hidden belt to keep the suit in shape. 
Vildana and I had an early breakfast in Stockholm and both pretended to cry when we had to go in different directions. This was on the subway train, and a lady took out her earphone. "I thought you were really crying!" We burst out laughing and I patted her on the arm: we are fine.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

More about the castle conference (Görvälns slott)

 We learned about psychology, planned future events and had cake.
 I also found blackberry marmalade, and got inspired to make my own, but with pomegranate flavour. 
 It is almost always very relaxing at castles which have dedicated parts to restaurants and meeting rooms. Also this time.
 Foggy days on the hill, but the more mystery. On the other side - Kungsängen. I assume views are great for new year's here.
 Below, spread out accommodations.  I didn't stay the night here though, but my colleagues did.
 Also nice in the summer, I conclude. And all the other seasons. 
 Friend particularly asked for castle photos. They were surpringly hard to take when a taxi awaits right behind you. 
Jérémy suggests I need a more colourful jacket to match my persona. Funny that this morning, when I met up with my colleague on the train station, he said: "You were super easy to spot, being the only to wear something not black."

Friday, 15 November 2019

Red shoes at Görvälns castle

Shoes are a great asset, we know, but look how they lift the look!
My feet are clearly having a party. (Fog outside and the taxi is already waiting, these were the last minutes before leaving our conference place.)
Party upstairs.
And can you believe it? They are comfortable!
The business-clad wet-combed glasses-possessing guy focussing hard on his laptop behind the photographer, my colleague, actually showed a smile grace to this photo session.
There are also photos of me lifting the chair.

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Ideas giveaway: The "keep it-reuse it" store (KITI)

Hola amigos! Take the idea, use it, spread it. And the idea's origin is this:

This wonderful lip oil pen is something I obsess about. I really want it. But once I have used up all the 18 ml, I will just throw the container away. It will be burned, at best recycled, but with plastics it only means the fibers will get shorter and can be used in a few more products.

So. Launching a KITI [ki:ti] store! Keep it, reuse it. A store where all containers are designed in such a way that once you are done with your lipstick, you come to the store, get awarded with discount and a refill of the jar/can/longer object with a soap, cream or whatever, because it is so well-adapted that new products can go in and you keep using that same container for years if you like.

Now, this is not new. Old Soviet filled old glass jars with sour cream in stores; if you came without your own can, you wouldn't get any. Milk bottles are reused in many countries, etc. But an entire store? Planning to never change its design? Where all products fit? This could be a true winner.
Do tell if you find this somewhere, or if you launch it yourself!

Previous give-aways: 

Monday, 11 November 2019

Nice from the recent

- I made a meal that made me go "Wow! Did I cook that?" Continued reaction: "It must have been a coincidence, just a well-matched adding of salt and a combination of good ingredients."

- I got a super nice gift! Thank you, A.B.! Incredible. 

- If one is to believe in hints and signs, a lot of them point to that I should visit Salsburg next year.

- I will try to buy blue and other cool tulips to have a super-blossomy spring! 

Sunday, 10 November 2019

After the massive success "what's in Jana's pockets" - What's in Jana's bag?

Two winters ago, I carried a jar of jam and broccoli, for example. (I have huge pockets, they can even fit a pocket book.) Taste and needs have changed since. The recipe for success is continuously elaborated. Is it a good idea to always carry a pair of foldable ballerinas? A nut bar? Things to give away to make someone who is sad happy? How many pencils? If I am not at home for 14 hours in a row, or only for three, but still am in the same town, what emergencies and pleasant situations can arise?

Judging from the current content of my bag, THIS is the key:

- facial mask (to be worn for 20 minutes, this is good for a lunch break)
- pretty agenda (always pretty agenda)
- pens (my record is probably seven)
- a book (almost always a book, ofter more than one for the joy of switching)
- shoelaces (I was just as surprised as you)

- jewelry (to wear for a few seconds)
- a tea bag (you never know)
- adhesive tape (you never know)

- patches (others might get hurt as well)
- an onion, it never fails (!). Fresh, of course
- charger for phone (phone goes without saying)