Thursday, 19 April 2018

Zombies can give you friends (warning to sensitive readers)

"I am reading a book about zombies", I announce to a friend in class right before I bounce down on the chair. She lights up and gets super excited:
"Really? What is it called?", fires out her phone and googles it immediately, in different languages ("The girl with all the gifts", something with Pandora in Russian), and stays really happy for the rest of the class :)
The cover gives not much reason to cheer - and had it not been for the erudite salesman who loves reading books, I would quickly had put it down. But he sounded convincing: unusual story, intrigued all the way, not really zombies (he avoided an explanation on purpose). Well-written, soon available as pocket (he preferred pocket). Now, having finished it, I argue more or less the same, but I do so reluctantly: I still don't like zombies. If you do - this is a gem. On the plus side again, there is FINALLY a scientific motivation for the zombies. The author made me feel smart by accurate explanations, so I could deduce the rest.

Even though I am not a fan to say the least, I can appreciate the humor in the oldie-goldie title "Pride and predjuice and zombies", where all possibilities to add zombies are taken, or the writings that Canada has a defence program ready in case the country suffers such an attack, so the few parts in this book (they are really not many, which maybe makes it worse) with intestines being eaten didn't exactly made me as happy as the friend in class, but the language and the scientific touch were refreshung. The people felt real - I could have been one of them, and one of the scientists mentioned I have even met! (She was awarded the Nobel prize some years ago.) THAT was a happy moment. 

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Auction coming up!

Oh, I promise, Hamburg adventures and also the trip to Skåne (Scania) are lined up and just want to be published. But this unusual thing is happening first, tomorrow: Stockholms länsmuseum is a museum that SELLS parts of its things 12-18! How unusual isn't that? I will rush my best and will be lucky to get at least 20 minutes at the end, mayhaps at the point when there is nothing left. Still worth a try!
 ...but by the time I got there, all runic stones and objects of similar interest were of course long gone. All the furniture was on sale, so had I had say a studio, there were excellent tables for DIY purposes. Many items were entirely free. Best buy: these umbrellas, one for me and one for my brother.
Bonus: we got to see some demolition. Such a nice place? Why destroy it? But maybe they didn't have many customers and a makeover was the only solution. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Hamburg so far

 Some day, I will find art to buy for my home. Buy extra luggage, initiate a complicate shipping procedure, and maybe bring something like this. 
 There have been quite a lot of walking and rain during my stay. Britain might be famous for precipitation most of the time, but it might not beat Hamburg.
Can you believe that Cécile knows a girl who works at a crêperie, which is inside one of the few (five) ancient buildings that are the only ones to survive the bombings? Even the friend I am visiting here in Hamburg got a pleasant surprise, and I got to speak French and eat a great crêpe with ratatouille and goat cheese, but the French male waitor managed to be rude in a polite way. This explains my look.
If you don't want the Fish for 60 €, you could have the frame for 18. 
Ceci n'est pas un thé! It's cider.
Quite some development has taken place since 1900, but this theme park has stayed a family tradition since and the amusement machines have gotten... maximised. At least 50% of the fun is watching this spinning activity, with fog spray, comments on what is going on from the speakers and fake racing Formula-1 sounds. If you go, try also the pickles, banana on a stick and find the truck that is a bit off, which makes art of doughnut cushions in cute wafer baskets. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Divulging in about 22,500 jokes about swans and cranes

Great idea: go to Hornborgasjön, north of Falköping, and watch thousands of birds getting ready for spring. Even better idea: to actually do it^^ Trandans is the particular spot where the crane's meet. 
So, we got in the car for four hours and arrived to for example this flea market and found this glass rod not even the vendor had suggestions for how to use, bought postcards with birds,
but most importantly - we got to see the birds.
However, no matter how much you love sea gulls, water-hens and ducks, it was clear that the promised thousands of birds were either hiding far away or that we were at the wrong place.
So we went to the other side of the lake, and there they were!
Over 22,000 of them, actually. The individuals are counted each sunset, when they fly to sleep in the middle of the lake.
I thought there would be much more noise, but it was much nicer than picking someone up at the pub. The cranes actually dance when they flirt, and when they do, they jump up and down of joy. The procedure is ended with a particular fanfare sound. Not clear to me how the crane that's is subject to the courtship responds.
Which is the favourite country of the swan? Botswana.
How heavy is a swan? I believe it's light like a feather. What kind of berries are the crane's favourite? Cranberry.
Hey, check out swan 48. Wasn't he here yesterday? Excuse me, I AM swan 48.
Ooh, the VIP pond. Let me introduce you to the VIP bush and the VIP hill later.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

One of the best shopping strategies:

 Let your shoes fall apart so much there is no point of return. Then go to a shoes shop and ask for a substitute of what you have on your feet. (Here you will need some luck - the shop I was in had juuuust removed almost all winter shoes and brought out red suede sandals, despite it being snow on the ground, so the staff had to DIG in the storage room for not only the right size...)
Put on the shoes right away, in the shop, and throw away the old ones in a silent ceremony.  Then, go on adventures. (I did exactly that.)

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Fishing for men

 When I was on the bus, emergency blogging, the destination of the party was Vaxholm. This city lives up in the summer, 
 but that's visible before summer too.
 Since we had been on the bus for an hour, almost parked on the highway, we said hi to the hostess and then went for a walk to refresh our spirits. (This surely is an euphemism for something else - I allude to fresh air and ideas only.)
I had a few breakthroughs: playing tic tac toe with these while being on a boat (kayaking, maybe?), but then I realised the game needed more speed to be fun. Lara Croft-speed, adventures making the game on the slow boats worthwhile. Another breakthrough was to knock on doors and ask for single men, inviting them to the party. What? Like men didn't knock on strangers' doors and said they would marry the daughters? We do, after all, start with consent in the question. 
One of the invited boyfriends, who we met on our way back, brought this perfect Easter egg. 
The odds: when I glued this unicorn to the collage, the hostess got cake forms shaped as a star and a unicorn minutes later! Great party :)

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Travelling with Hamlet (Emergency blogging)

So I am a bit stuck on my way to a party on a bus because of road constructions  - we almost took the ferry over first, but there arose an obstacle there as well. Wait, now we are rolling again! With speed! Ok, still, here are some photos I have had the time to import from the Denmark trip.
Hamlet is closer than you might think: according to Shakespeare, this Danish castle with surroundings is where all the drama took place. Except he meant the British court. Hamlet is also the name of the boat we took from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Helsingør (Denmark). Photo of castle itself in next blogpost or so.
Beware of the Hippo!..
 Technically, we were looking for a cozy café I found in a Copenhagen guide on Sandra Beijer's blog. We found that not only had the café ceased to exist, the entire building had undergone demolition. 
These shoes on real plants made people walk right in, not even checking what the store was about first.
And it was windy. It often is, but in a really disturbing way. The next day, for comparison, there was not even a breeze.