Friday, 20 July 2018

Castle hunting on Storholmen and suncatching on Björnö

Some day, they ought to make a program about archipelagos only; it would run for years, depicting local history, real love stories and boat drama. So, if this was Archipelago Real season one, it started with Martin texting me if I wanted to go to Björnö.
I was quite eager and up for adventures, of course. 
Martin did manage to jump in - from a cliff? I never witnessed it. I was happy to dip my toes twice and read my book about feminist research methodology. 
"It's great how nature is made", we said. "A few thousand years ago the ice pulled away just to make it comfortable for us to lie flat near the water and get tanned."
And to listen to the radio and to chitchat. 
Even to read books with a summary at the side (!) which shows the Latinamerican soul very well.
 Over to Ropsten in the opposite part of the city! We are taking the boat to Storholmen, to find a ramshackle, I believe it's called. Here is some background in Swedish about Villa Kassman. Locally on the island, it is simply known as "the castle".
Lucky with the weather, as during the past 12 weeks. Even strawberry fields are closed off for those who like picking them: there is no harvest.
As splashes of perfume, comes the salty water.
Some people have summer houses here, some live here permanently. My friend thought about this: how often do they go grocery shopping? I am sure this could be a great episode in Archipelago Real season two.
We had planned to be on Storholmen until the boat came back. A boat staff member thought it took some ten minutes to cross the entire island. She was incorrect; it is much bigger - and with very few tourists. That's the optimal condition; which tourist wants to be among tourists? 
On the boat, we got to know a family that had lived there since 1971. Back then, there were eight permanent inhabitants. Now there are - oh, how many were they, about 60 maybe? - and even more so in the summer, I think 250.
We had quite fun, as you can see.
So did the locals when they made these signs. One even shows location of paradise, upward. Also, left: "maybe a weather forecast". And yes,  it say "Champagne" to the right.
The first halt once on land: a library! And mail for some. A lady got two newspapers.
Deeper into the island's soul.
Safer than waterskiing. 
Entrance to "the castle".
The locals told us which route to take to get the best view of the house, which of course was down the road, take left, there you have it, there is a man who lives there to take care of the basics. 
Here it is! Magnificent, quite abandoned and a complicated juridical matter. Past years, it has been used for party events; HM launched its summer/spring collection here recently with many fashion bloggers invited, for example. And here come the aftertexts of the program with participants:
Photo - Martin Jana MT
Research - Jana
Ideas - Jana Martin MT
Story - Jana
Copyright all right 2018

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The secret lovely beach of Three Cliffs Bay with Teddy, Patrick and Vildana. Part II

I promised bikinis; here is even a tankini.
I had precautiously bought us huge pies at the glamping - around here known as the farm - and we watched the sunset as we indulged British cuisine swept in tasteful plastics.
Made wishes to walk to that other side while calculating sun's way down.
Water had a meeting somewhere else around the globe and changed the landscape slowly but drastically.
Under the three cliff, you see a pinch of blue - a cave. It has opening hours, so to speak.
Vildana "the hawkeye" said this was a parent and a child.
Jana "the sceptic" said it was a grown woman and a grown man, one of them is just sitting down.
"Shall we scream to ask?"
But then we became busy saving ourselves from two dogs who appeared from downhill, unknowing of this thing called integrity, like their owners. 
More of the tankini. A gift, actually.
Time to descend.
National geographic herewith has its new photographer.
What what completely unexpected was the copepods at the beginning of the beach. They actually jump! From the sand! And back.
This is a place to realize who you love: either you think who you want to share this fantastic moment with, or if you want to exit a relationship because you only then can enjoy this as much as you do.
This, to my happy fascination, was what we had seen on a painting at the museum in Cardiff: rainbowy water.
Barnacles, which have an entertaining explanation to why a goose carries the same name: these were once thought to be "grains" which geese came from. This was during fasting in the 1600's maybe? Or the 1400's? True nevertheless. Why this was practical to think is that during the fast, sea food was allowed, and if geese came form the bottom of it, they could be consumed. Some priests later stated geese came about in a different manner, and gone was the possibility to eat birds from... the sea.
At this hour, about 10 p.m., water was still rolling away.
The hot weather - this is end of June - and the almost full moon made the conditions for fluorescent plankton almost perfect. We still didn't know the conditions needed in water.
Meanwhile, Vildana had been on the other side all this time. She didn't want to wet her feet.
So this is for Vildana. Look, how beautiful this is.
And then came a horse!!!
Only a prince missing.
(Princes obviously ride horses here, around this block, at this hour.)
Imagine the horse surrounded by sparkles of fluorescent plankton?
Local fauna, fascinating as always, even if fascination lasts for seconds only.
I am not sure if we ever were prepared not to sleep that night.
Calm and very, very quiet, except that I was summarizing our trip and probably spoke non-stop for... 15 minutes? Patrick came out to interrupt at some point.
It is said that the person to spend the night in the nearby ruin, becomes a poet from then on.
And so the girls continued though Wales up to Holyhead. This blog, however, will take you to some Swedish events before this trip will be resumed.