Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The bling ring

Jewellery is one of the strangest things humans might have come up with: here is a stone, LET ME PUT IT AROUND MY NECK OR ON MY FINGERS. Equally strange, on occasions this seems like a good idea. Here is one: the weight of my new ring is distributed not on the finger but on the hand. That changes things quite a bit.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

The sexy futhark, or, rolling stone having fun

 Challenge accepted: sexy runic stone is in tha house! Well, up to the eye's beholder. 
 Like a dear friend said, the best parties are those with a bad lighting! So hopefully you see the corpse/French man under construction and me, a runic stone with real inscriptions in red and everything. 
Super soft sword, bends down just when you look at it. 
 There were unplanned-ly many pirates at the party, and they were very good with the rhum. 
Many couples matched - best combination being the Scooby Doo couple, who were both married in real life and had brought their own dog. Daphne - the character - and I competed about having grown up in the smallest village. Hers was 400 people. Mine, depending on how you count it, was either 14 people or under a hundred. ("Grew up" can also be contested.)
 There was also an angel walking around, even her flipflops were white. 
 With lollipops as part of the evil character. 
Can you guess who this man with the box was? It is not the guy who is a spin-off Harry Potter world character! Clues: this man has existed and was popular with the ladies - he knew how to dance (tango,  I believe).

Monday, 29 October 2018

Zurel, Estelle Rijnved - see you soon?

And Orange Prizel (?), and Black Pocket (?) - these are all tulips I bought in Kivik that looked super cool and planted in late September. 
Tulip expert lady said this, once I confessed my inabilities with tulips:

- you need about 15 cm (she showed with her hands, I am estimating) of soil underneath 

- you need a hole in your pot (friend said: to create the void volume, put some aluminium foil at the bottom, so I did that)

- you can plant tulips above each other, they don't mind. Again, soil inbetween, maybe 10 cm

- they don't need much during winter. The soil is like a good company - the minerals, water etc they contain inside. So water when planting and ignore potential frost, they won't care. (This is not what I read before, but hey, I open for new methods).

So in March-April they might start to show. Why my other cool tulips just said a green hello and then nothing more above ground the tulip expert lady didn't know.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there was a city not too far from the Adriatic sea called Bar.
It was high up on a hill, but little did its inhabitants know that in 2018, it would mostly be ruins.
 The charm has not left the walls; 
Views remain spectacular (in some directions) and aid real estate managers to frame the beauty. 
It slowly revives, little by little, 
But it still has a long way to go.
"How do you dry your clothes?"
"Attached to a ten centuries old aqueduct, what about you?"
At the entrance of the old city, there is a small market (at least on Saturdays) where local olive oils and pastry are offered.
 This was fascinating:
The green was buzzing. Like in a cartoon film! Peaceful bees were at their apex.
This ought to have been the center.
At 10.30, a man's voice was heard proclaiming songs from the new minaret just below. 
Jérémy made a correct observation: had that aqueduct been cut off, Stari Bar would have been easy to take under siege. This kind happened - in 1878, during the Montenegrin-Ottomanian war (referring strongly to Wikipedia here), explosives detonated and destroyed the aqueduct. In 1979, the aqueduct was destroyed in an earthquake, 
and the (new) Bar was constructed by its gates.

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Monastery n' Roses

This is the kind of place that is easy to idyll-ise. 
Credit - it is well kept for sure.
Within the monastery enclosure, it's clear that the place is quite prosperous. 
A cat came to say hello!
We got to see a grown man being baptized, there were a bit of walking in a circle, the priest disappearing and coming back and saying "aumaaaagdsaqtb ggaaadaqsbaasa aaaaldabaatik" with a slow gospel voice. (Quotes supposed to simulate the Old Slavic language. They don't, at all.) Another priest was drenching a round bred in wine, cut it with a knife and - I never saw this, but assume - gave it to the people waiting in a queue inside the church. 
Photos inside are strictly prohibited and entering the premises means losing 2 €. But, you can enter another small church-like building and hum a little. The voice bounces VERY well and everyone can hear, but no one knows it's you humming. Then everybody else starts humming :)))
People were very excited about this drinkable water. Sacred? Not said. The hand belongs to a Russian tourist - we came by car when they came by bus.
Morača monastery is, all in all, a quick visit.

Friday, 26 October 2018

Escaping the walls of old Budva

I tried to calculate the butterflies we saw each day. They were remarkably many. Sometimes - 7 per hour, I think? And if I think more, that is A LOT. They are as careless as veteran city doves, but in a butterflyy way.
 Old town is quite worn out - tourists and their shops have swallowed the soul of the place almost entirely. 
Me: *looking at jewellery from the outside*
Vendor, comes out from shop: "Diamonds are a girl's best friends."
Me: "I already have friends."
Vendor: *satisfied* "Good girl."
 The best part is the wall surrounding it, yours to enjoy for the 20 minutes it takes to walk back and forth.
 The smart groups with a guide don't go to the furthest end to save time. You get to see this anyway:
The green bracelets hanging are drying figues!
 We chose to escape the wall - there is officially only one exit, but we didn't want to go back that way, so we climbed over the most accessible of the two unofficial exits.
And contemplated going to this island on a boat taxi.
I mean, we even had a "semisubmarine" to choose from! 

Thursday, 25 October 2018

The effects of having studied poetry:

You look back at the conversation you had with a friend, colleague or potential boyfriend:

- What was the conversation actually about?

- Did the dialogue refer to a historical event? (Personal, between you, or more people involved)

- When did the turning point occur?

- What did the different symbols represent? (And to what extent were the choices based on materialistic grounds?)

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

When the eyes got used to all the white

Two friends are getting married! To each other! One of them needs a dress, and as one of the bridesmaids, I participated in the search for The Dress in Stockholm.

It is like when you enter a really dark room: first, all is black. Then, your eyes start to distinguish contours and even recognize details, and eventually you can orientate freely. Same for wedding dresses: first, they all look exactly the same, fluffy and long, a slight difference in shade of colour maybe (some are "champagne"), but after 15 minutes or so, you can actually tell them apart. All in all, we did a good job finding a dress "recipe" for our friend.

Now it's just us, the honoured to be by her side ones. We have to match in blue and/or green, and we have to match our dates... 

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The hotel that is an entire island (and, "Are you friends of Amar?")

 Montenegro trip continued!
One definition of luxury could be booking a hotel room on an island where there will be hotel guests only (except for twice a day, when visitors are welcome for a guided tour and a drink).
 That is the case for Sveti Stefan. Frowning upon that, we found this beautiful water at the beach just before the bridge.
 In Russian, the vocabulary for this colour is: the colour of the sea wave. It was so beautiful, you even stop to think for a second how it is possible. 
 Here we wrote postcards and blocked other people from taking photos of The Island.
Except for one Russian lady, who had returned here without her friends just to take a photo - and rightly so.
 (I enjoyed my adult life's first jumpsuit. Warmly recommended, we'll get back to that in a fashion post.)
When evening came and we followed the lit street lamps, I saw a cave on the other side, lamps making it look as if it was an inviting museum. We crossed the sand, went through the wicket and came to what was a private harbour: the cave was used to receive guests coming by boat. At the cave's heart - its end - we admitted to a guard, who was removing a chair and hadn't seen us coming - our non-existing friendship with Amar. Not knowing Amar, we still were more lucky than the crowd that came shortly after us - they didn't even get to go through the gate.