Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Jobs I did not know existed (did you?)

I should start by saying that they are hard to google in a jiffy. I have come across this information because of news, documentaries, neighbours, at a university course....

1. Jeans archeologist.
It started with a guy who dug up a pair of jeans in the USA, discovered he could sell them and continued. Another guy, if not the same, found a pair of the first Levi's batch ever produced in a mine and sold it off for good money.

2. Professional visitor.
When in jail and isolated (or with no family?), a person can come to visit. A professional visitor. Not sure about the formal title, though.

3. Professional cryer.
In some cultures, in India, for example, you are supposed to display your grief with loud cries and many tears. If you are a calm nature, I guess it is perfect to hire a professional crier to the funeral.

5. Professional laugher.
First time a movie is shown to an audience, my friend's friend, who has a friend, is hired to go there and laugh to make the rest of the audience laugh. Sometimes the friend's friend's friend laughs to early, having had a preview of the film before, but no harm in that.

4. Child-focuser.
To do research on toddlers, it is crucial to have distract children from reasons to cry and to remain focused on one thing (like, sitting for a longer time and looking in one particular direction). There is a formal title for this as well.

6. Queue-maker.
To make a place look cool, one can rent people to stay in line. There is at least one company doing this in Stockholm, for example.

7. Proxy-tinderer. 
While you are busy working, the tinderer will tinder in your name and guarantee a date for each night without you putting in any effort yourself. Friend of friend of a friend works with this. "I am funny", is one of the things she said to describe her work in action.

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