Friday, 31 August 2018

"The rules do not apply" by Ariel Levy

Ariel Levy is praised in every review I have come across (let's round it up to five), and now I am joining that crowd for the better part of the book. (As a child, it would bother me terribly that adults's books would not make much difference between the design and size of the title and its author. How can I know which is which?) 

The beginning is funny and funny again and poignant and unexpected, and ought to be even better in the original language. It's starts as startling: she - Levy, its biographic - loses everything. Her wife dies (or we don't know at first but it seems so), so does her baby, and she can not keep the house, so nothing positive to pick from when the neighbour walks over to say sorry for one of the things and aims for "but at least you have...", because the sorrows are overwhelmingly many. And yet it's made funny, in the laconic way. There is also room for other people's adventures, like the doctor who had to give his bathing shorts to a girl who had lost the bottom part of the bikini in the Victorian falls - all this while surveyed by a military helicopter, because... well, read the book, it will make sense. 

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Black goes "life time achievement" and ribbons

 Got this dress on sale. I had a completely different mission and vision, but you know, you always have plan b and c and that d that you wanted to do since fifth grade. For my inner eye, I saw this tricot flap in the French wind and meant to be covered with sweat when I hitchhike or something from Paris to Mont Saint-Michel on Saturday morning and it's 25 degrees (which I am, the day after tomorrow, and it will be 23 or 27).
 I measured and imagined and guessed in the shop and hoped it would work.
 The colours were rather easy - there is nothing that doesn't match black.
But do I want to look like I received the serafimerorden (Royal Order of the Seraphim) for younger girls?


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Cute little jars

"What is a home without cute little jars?" quote me, but probably another hundred people more. A promise I made: never buy products that don't immediately make your life better and happier. A direct effect of this is that my hands will smell like bananas this winter and my cheeks survive the cold better because "Kiehl's loves Stockholm", so much that it drew a picture of it.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

How is guitar playing coming along? Are your fingers string-globetrotters?

Oh yes, of course. 
It went from careful plucking, "what if the string breaks when I play it?" to "bring it on" quite recently. We are talking minutes of sporadic practicing May-August and I am self-taught. It took a village of youtubers and kind friends to bring up the musician in me. Little by little, I created a small collection of two plectrums (one of STONE, Danish design, the other found at the airport in Brussels), a digital tuner (yes I know there are apps) and a capodastro. For those who do not play: it hurts. The skin on the fingers that press the strings thickens. Friend J. says that if it hurts, relax and stop playing. Playing should be joyful. 

Monday, 27 August 2018

Museum Mission: Hamn

 Museet Hamn is among the most interactive museums in Stockholm. 
 You get to shoot. Not with weapons but with miniature cannon balls, and at different kinds of wood to get a sense of which wood for a battle ship is most suitable. Olle and I were not convinced. 
 The things you see all come from the waters beneath the museum - that is also the reason to why this museum is found here in Fisksätra. There was a battle between the Russians and the Swedes in the 1700's, which, discovered later, was a victory to the Swedes. The Russians did after all withdraw. Turns out, though, the Russians never considered it a battle, more a teasing poke, and just moved on to the real target of interest. A Russian professor who came here to read the old Russian documents at display praised the museum for staying so objective.
 The worth of such a rifle - in use, and with a bullet - could be equal to the purchase of a Jaguar, I read somewhere. 
 I tied two and a half knot successfully.
 The books are actually tablets with a cover - and the water view is kind of splendid. 
What is also parlty unique is the amount of information available.
 Olle threw a glance at this photo. "It looks like I am at a museum."
On the second floor, you can paint or have a conference. Or read about the plague.
Typical uniform of the Caroleans (karoliner).
The animal sounds here, generated when pressing buttons, gave me the chills.
The observation crew (me) noted that the kids had fun.
So few!
It's small and perfect for those inclined to know more about history. The manager told me that the purpose is to keep it small, with strolling guides that can give you the perfect personal information you ask for. 

Sunday, 26 August 2018

How things are in Mongolia and New Zealand

 How often I receive mail from Mongolia? This is the first time in three decades.
 As a mailman/woman, it ought to be a bit like traveling the world every day, seeing all those letters with fancy prints that contain love, life and everything else. 
Art, for example. 
 Over to New Zealand! It was winter there now and spring is maybe starting to take out its rights.
A delightful report about sea lions and an upcoming penguin tour anyhow.
Me, I sent aurora borealis to Spain.
Symmetry adds to both the serious and playful dimensions of the messages, don't you think?

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Ado about hairdo: about five photographer's perspective

Ilo's skills as a braid expert are growing. Last Thursday, my hair had twined hints of patterns from Greek culture of goddess, chess style and I myself contributed with a fresh rose I cut fresh the same morning (which most people assumed was plastic).
S's perspective.
L's perspective.
H's perspective.
(Maybe N's perspective.)
I's perspective. Then, after dinner, we went to see what could have been wonderful - a show on water across the royal castle in the heart of the city, where the streams are a bit too dangerous for dancing. But dancing there was! To far too loud music, so those of us who prefer keeping ears intact left before it started.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Bruxelles, ma belle part III

Even this shopping wall hints to how the main square of the city was decorated.
It's beautiful and lasted for four days. Apparently, the planting starts five in the morning.

For the best view, one can enter the City hall...
...and pass by a few grand rooms...
...before stepping out on the balcony... the view of a carpet of 500,000 flowers! Recurring annually. This year, the theme was Mexican.
About hundred volunteers assembled this in about eight hours. And, there are disco balls <3
Me and C. were a bit unhappy about the brown parts, which were not flowers. Besides that - all was beautiful and it took time to take in all the details.
Not the least, there are the views of the surrounding historical buildings, many of which were the centers for guilds.
Behind, layers of history as well.
Once a year, his speech bubble is "Look at the beautiful flowers" :D
It feels like being in a castle's inner yard, while the sensation of being in a small city is present.
Let's guess about the future. I believe in an Indonesian celebration of friendship next year, or maybe something to do with New Zealand. What do you think?