Monday, 16 July 2018

The secret lovely beach of Three Cliffs Bay with Teddy, Patrick and Vildana. Part I

This entire experience is like a fairy tale. There is even a horse coming in moonlight. But no fluorescent plankton, I am afraid. (That is what we came for, so maybe some other time.)
You might wonder - who is Teddy? It's the sweetest dog. Cures even those afraid of dogs.
Three cliffs bay outside of Swansea is named after these three cliffs. The tide difference is big - the seashore opens up by maybe 700 meters at the lowest point - and with it, caves become visible and accessible.
People walk on the cliffs, of course. We (well, not I, of course not me) crashed a date with our picknick, for example. Well; the couple did choose the best view.
I waded over with our belongings, water up to collarbone. Tide low - water goes up to your ankles.
While being this heroic - I went back and forth twice, and a man even showed us how deep it was buy wading himself back and forth - 
a knight in a kayak appeared and offered me to take the extra weight on my shoulders to land (...the remaining 0.9 meters).
I did not hear this, however, because I was busy shouting to the photographer (Vildana) at the other side of the river: "take a photo of us!" As you clearly can see, I am posing next to the kayak man and his stand up paddleboard friend.
This is Teddy! Asleep in a cabin with great views.
This great. See the sand? Basically all of that is covered with water twice a day.
Bikinis, a cave and more splendid views coming up.

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