Friday, 27 July 2018

The ladies and the 220x230 Duvet

Oh, so comfy. From Primark. It served us well at Three Cliffs Bay and on this weird night ferry from Holyhead in Wales to Dublin. Who schedules a ferry at 2.30 a.m.? We were giggly even without drinks (but then no one knows how giggly we would be WITH drinks).
It is quite a task to carry a duvet around. Especially in heat. It is never comfortable until you start using it. And I assure you, top shelves are not exactly constructed for duvets.
It traveled with us through two countries - Wales and Ireland. Then we had to let it go :(
 Halfway through our journey, I had to run to a Tesco (food store) but didn't know where to run (and almost got through a wall, except this is not 9 3/4 King's Cross). That is when I met a charming man with cleaning equipment on wheels. He smiled and brought me to the right exit, pushing his trolley slowly in front of him.
Me: "It's a nice ride."
He: "environmentally friendly."
Me: "4 by 4."
He: "not noisy, easy to navigate."
We kept joking and he left the station with me so that he could point with his arm like a proud statue:
"It's in that direction, 45 degrees to the left."
Vildana was very happy that I made it back on time, and we got on the train to prepare for the caption of something very rare:
One of the longest city names of the world, 
Yet, not long enough to be captivated when on a train that swishes by. We asked the staff: will it slow down? Nah. So we only have a video of the sign rushing past us and me screaming "Noooooooo" x)

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