Monday, 9 July 2018

In Galway with Xander and Tobin

Back in Galway (near which there seemed to be a major Tinder-opponent),
I really wanted to hear some Celtic harp music. It is a rare thing; apparently, a lady used to play on the streets a few years ago and now maybe runs an online pyjamas shop, a local said. I got to see this outdoor performance though, and turned around and asked two guys if they wanted to hang out; I was eager for local fish and chips.
They were not from Italy, as I had been thinking, but from San Diego and had come here on a whim while waiting for the submarine competition in London to start.
Xander to the left, Tobin to the right. They had been CADding for about nine months and the competition gives room for improvement during the 11 days that it takes place (at an abandoned military area).
Then I went to the harbour and they to another bar. They should be competing this very moment. Good luck, guys!

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