Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Come along to cliffs of Moher outside of Galway, Ireland

 Cliffs that not only are breathtaking and millions of years old - they also make time fly and make you exercise without you noticing. 
 There is a cave - of course one would think there is an exciting cave system - which, OF COURSE, appears in a Harry Potter film. The one about the half blood prince.
 There is something wrong with these photos, I warn you: the weather. It is so rare that an almost never is in place. The typical circumstances are wind, rain and cold. Irish has thousands of words for describing the weather, the man in the tower said. Words for when the rain comes sideways, how it is leaning in, how hard it is, how it is combined with other weather factors. 
 On one of those more representative weather days, my acquintance David saw a ferry. It literally jumped from wave to wave, and it was the waves themselves that were in charge of the rules. 
 There are no reelings. 
*everybody books a trip to the cliffs right away*
 The forces of nature are majestic and slow while strong. I would say, almost relaxing to watch?
 The tower I mentioned earlier: the pleasure tower. Because the guy who owned the land solely used it to show his friends the views of his lands.
 A normal sight is the wind making ladies' hair stand staight up. Being windy enough, the tower was cautiously closed for the day.
 Now: eye candy.
 The dark parts you see are hobbit-like windows of the café and the museum.
 To get here from Galway by bus is a 2.5 hours long trip one way. Almost the same by car. 
 You would most likely observe the difference in tides, so going back appears to be a new road with new views.
 Me, I brought picknick: milk and and a chocolate cupcake. Was perfect. I also brought luggage - because it turns out I was backpacking and never knew where the next night would be spent - which I could leave in a secret room next to the gift shop. I also could exit througha secret passage.
 Ah, let's look at me again and think about the luck and the weather.
And when you feel you got the flavour up for Irish nature, go to the Aran islands for two days by boat. One island per day. Some visitors have been stunned. I will spread the word to make more people happily stunned :)

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