Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Brisk sightseeing in Barcelona - still the same day

This is where we took off yesterday: me on a roof top of the mall El Corte Inglés, with a few hours left before something quite romantic would happen - my most nervous flight back to Stockholm ever. But let's not jump ahead of events.
Font Màgica is a really nice fountain further ahead, next to a greatly placed museum on the top of a ladder AND escalator-clad hill. Music shows are on at 21.30 and 22, but fountains are closed during the night. This will be our magic substitute for the time being.
Let's get on bus 24 to Parc Güell.
It takes about 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.
Unavoidably, we will pass by Casa Batlló, designed by Gaudí i Cornet (his actual full surname). 
At night, I sat down in front of it on a white mosaic bench and asked myself - what IS THIS?
Skulls went to see Phantom of the Opera.
This beam of art ends with a fountain at its hanging end.
A kind lady approached me when I stood at a crossing with my map unfolded. "Parc Güell?" she asked with a smile. "Go straight up this road, then take right. It's a shortcut. Have a great stay."
Gaudí lived in the middle of this park, named after a family he was friends with.
Delightful guitar music - Gymnopédie by Satie - came from the balcony above.
Magnets, sunglasses, earrings and beverages for sale every twentieth step (outside of the frame), usually on a mat on the ground. Best trick in my opinion was to attach earrings symmetrically on an open umbrella. Glistens and attracts attention because it is unusual.
This adds to our list: Font Magíca, Sagrada família, Parc Güell - the must-sees when you come to Barcelona.
Headless man also offered me to take a photo next to him.
This summarizes the prettiness quite well. Below - the sea. For the best beaches, go by car for about 40 minutes to the north.
Up next - literally, up -
was CosmoCaixa, a science museum.
Little did I know it is mostly for children,
but I was happy to have started at floor -5 and to see the enclosed rainforest.
If you are five, ten and maybe even twelve, you will be impressed by the technology here. There are giant electric butterflies hanging from the ceiling and the staircase up and down is a cool glass cylinder. If you are about two decades older, you would hasten to your flight to help a friend who is moving countries. (Posts coming up soon: Bath, London and Dublin.)

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