Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Predicting the future (Jules Verne small-scale)

⭐ The sockets. I am absolutely convinced that the placement of sockets will be different. That cables will not only be available in black and better marked, too, and not placed behind the computer but easier available when you want to replug something fast.

⭐ The login process. In the future, it will take a blink of an eye and not five long minutes even on old computers. The bore of any conference, start of a class and meeting.

⭐ Footwear will experience a revolution. Comfortable and beautiful will finally fuse - the comfortable being scientific, adapted to people's feet based on their anatomic needs.

⭐ Sleep will be the next Big Thing, after diets and training had their hits. Who came up with the idea doctors need to work for that many hours straight? Why do we have parties so late? Let the parties start earlier, don't pressure doctors - hire MORE doctors - and let people get more sleep. As science shows, our brains act like we are drunk just after 19 hours of being awake.

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