Sunday, 24 June 2018

"No, you don't make me happy. I am happy by myself"

This discussion came up. I was asked by a person, H., if he makes me happy. Maybe because I did make him happy, according to himself.

Nonono, my friend F objected. That's not how happiness is defined. You are happy as an inner state - your ground zero. If anyone asks a question like that, was F's point, you are supposed to say NO, I am happy by myself, but you make me glad.

So a person can not make you happy? Only glad?

I think a person can.

Another person, R., thanked me for this question: is there anything I can do to make you happy? Thank you - nothing that not will be short term, he said.

An example of a person who makes you happy, I think, would be someone who makes you in a good mood often enough. Maybe even such a good mood, that it becomes permanent (the person maybe made you realize and apply a positive perspective on life and things in life). I don't think those married couples who speak warmly of their spouses as "the ray of light in my life" are wrong in saying that their partners make them happy. If happy is your inner state, then there is no point in asking that happy person how he or she feels, right? You will already know the answer! Nor do we ask "(how) did your friend/spouse make you happy today?"...

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