Monday, 11 June 2018

Museum Mission: Bogesunds slott

 Near Vaxholm outside of Stockholm: a castle that has been uninhabited during the past hundred years and that contributed to the creation of the law Lex Bogesund.
 The exterior is nothing like the interior,
 and summertime, Bogesund castle is almost invisible from all sides.
 It is also rented out for parties, baptisms and today -
 the wedding of Axel and Linn.
 Almost everything was set,
so we carefully cruised on the different floors, travelling in times: 1600's, 1700's and 1800's.
 The top floor was for representation and parties. Representations of wealth, of course; a dinner could be 120 dishes, and each guest had a feather to put down the throat to vomit and continue eating.
The towers on the sides were a later contribution, now serving as storage space, for example. 
The unusual "bonus" for the farmers and workers around was to walk up in one of the round towers to a super small room with a view of the premises. 
Some parts are intact exactly as they were - some replaced by fashion.
Who knew we would be fascinated by old wallpaper two hundred years later?
Some visitors wonder when Bogesund will be renovated. Well - never, that is the point. 
We wondered if picknicks was a big no-no back then because of the sun.
On the second floor, the joy! You were allowed to sit on ALL the furniture. 
Here we noticed it was a little bit dark; due to the long abandonment, the electrification was sparse. 
Until last year, Riksantikvarieämbetet did not give permission to remove the white layer of ceiling paper - a fashion cover-up in the 1800's - but now you can see some parts. There are 54 rooms and even a chapel - so probably each year, "new" parts will be opened up and displayed.
The Brahe family in the bedroom of the guards to wake up to every morning - below in the middle, Per Brahe (the founder) hidden below the chin of his white-curled wife. (This requires a closer look.)
Drone view as of now. 
Drone view winter time.
Not the least: the café here is very cozy, with tasty food.

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