Saturday, 2 June 2018

Box with ins! Box with outs!

Norway now has painted some of its mountains, which attracts unbelievably many tourists, haven't you heard?
I like when there are details to discover - the extra stories besides the story in the text meant for you.
 One of the best ways to carry precious art finally documented.
 I see more love than sadness in this. What do you see?
Stickers are always a bonus;
this is one of my more tasteful decorations. 
When the stamp and the seal (Town musicians of Bremen) outrule the beauty of the postcard's motif.
Here I wanted to share a philatelist story, about how I met one, and another, and was mistaken for one myself and Oxford was involved. The essence is that I appreciate beautiful stamps, but no need for putting them in books and compare editions - the beauty should be evident, right in the receiver's hand.

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