Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A surprise party for Olle or "Someone's boyfriend is hiding in the bushes"

Claire and I had a surprise party for Olle. High five and ten points to us! Here you see the ending of the party - a PhD lady hiding with me while playing sardines, my new favourite outdoor game. It's like backwards hide and seek.
I was squeezed in next to a tunnel, on the non-poisonous grass (the poisonous grew in the ditch). I was getting compliments for my hiding abilities. 
Little by little, more people started finding me,
but more accurately - the big crowd that kept accumulating next to me.
Viola was last, so it was her turn to hide next time. Some drank with closed eyes when we counted down for 60 seconds - which felt like an eternity - because we gave the heel owner extra time to run.
The person who was late for the surprise was in touch with one of us on Messenger, trying to stall. It worked out well :)
"No gifts" still resulted in some cute giveaways, 
which we put in a drawer, with the intention that Olle had to search for them later.
Perhaps the easiest success was the gooseberry tree. So natural, people almost didn't take notice, even when writing in the guest book sitting next to it. 

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