Thursday, 28 June 2018

With a selfiestick while Vildana was looking the other way

 Friends and I used to think selfiesticks are a ridiculous thing. Well - wait till you get hold of one. They are great!
 This on one of the seven hills surrounding Bath - much like in Rome. This is where people originally lived, as the bottom of the valley the hills surrounded were hot hot hot. That's why is called Bath: the Romans came and made one by 76 AD,  today a museum.
Weather is perfect, we're having a blast. This very moment, I am somewhere in a Nora Roberts landscape: Welsh green hills and peaceful sheep swishing by on both sides of the train. I am crossing a piece of the Atlantics trapped between Wales and Ireland this night; I count on about three hours of sleep, just like yesterday. 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Companies I would like to invest in

- combination of pretty and comfortable shoes, for all sexes.

- Bra business.

- Private consultation; a company that offers a few hours of basic information about how to fill out a form to get the right insurance, how to get ahead in life, career choices, how to stay positive, cooking classes.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

"No, you don't make me happy. I am happy by myself"

This discussion came up. I was asked by a person, H., if he makes me happy. Maybe because I did make him happy, according to himself.

Nonono, my friend F objected. That's not how happiness is defined. You are happy as an inner state - your ground zero. If anyone asks a question like that, was F's point, you are supposed to say NO, I am happy by myself, but you make me glad.

So a person can not make you happy? Only glad?

I think a person can.

Another person, R., thanked me for this question: is there anything I can do to make you happy? Thank you - nothing that not will be short term, he said.

An example of a person who makes you happy, I think, would be someone who makes you in a good mood often enough. Maybe even such a good mood, that it becomes permanent (the person maybe made you realize and apply a positive perspective on life and things in life). I don't think those married couples who speak warmly of their spouses as "the ray of light in my life" are wrong in saying that their partners make them happy. If happy is your inner state, then there is no point in asking that happy person how he or she feels, right? You will already know the answer! Nor do we ask "(how) did your friend/spouse make you happy today?"...

Saturday, 23 June 2018

One-way ticket packed, ready set go

Let's do this! I hope for a beautiful waterfall in Snowdonia, a bath in Bath and some Barcelona heat in Barcelona. My colleagues are worried I will "return a little later" than planned or just stay abroad with a cute Italian :D 

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Some of the best things from recently

Handmade in Colombia. I know where to find them hanging - tempting for a siesta - just ask.
When I said this is the harvest from the balcony and people in love believed me = didn't think of that it's still at least three weeks left, and certainly not in that quantity. MOREOVER, one of my strawberry sort is white.
At a party.
C. found this at Skeppsholmen: it's the entrance ticket to get inside a museum for fre, Bergrummet I believe it was.
An old phone booth that now is disposed by the library. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

A surprise party for Olle or "Someone's boyfriend is hiding in the bushes"

Claire and I had a surprise party for Olle. High five and ten points to us! Here you see the ending of the party - a PhD lady hiding with me while playing sardines, my new favourite outdoor game. It's like backwards hide and seek.
I was squeezed in next to a tunnel, on the non-poisonous grass (the poisonous grew in the ditch). I was getting compliments for my hiding abilities. 
Little by little, more people started finding me,
but more accurately - the big crowd that kept accumulating next to me.
Viola was last, so it was her turn to hide next time. Some drank with closed eyes when we counted down for 60 seconds - which felt like an eternity - because we gave the heel owner extra time to run.
The person who was late for the surprise was in touch with one of us on Messenger, trying to stall. It worked out well :)
"No gifts" still resulted in some cute giveaways, 
which we put in a drawer, with the intention that Olle had to search for them later.
Perhaps the easiest success was the gooseberry tree. So natural, people almost didn't take notice, even when writing in the guest book sitting next to it. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

In Arboga for a few hours.

 Some days, I love going by train. 
This time, the journey started by handing over keys to friend and to wave for a taxi, because I wouldn't be able to catch the train if I went from Valhallavägen at normal speed. Moreover, it was Sunday. The taxi couple with a baby that drove me to the central station - I tried to contact you; can you contact me, please? 
In Köping, I saw something I have never seen before. Yellow! And orange! What is this - combustion of sulphur?
Then I met with Cécile, Jonas and Mathilde, discussed politics and work and had one of the best vegetarian meals in my life. Secret ingredient: smoked bell pepper powder.

Monday, 18 June 2018

"She is probably going to the equator"

 This is me and my new tree. 
 (Last time, I bought a pine and a Christmas tree in Spain.)
 No matter how light it is, carrying a tree and its entire underground world is always tiresome.
 At the shop, a man stopped in front of me thinking, so I was the one who had to ask if his intentions were to offer me a ride. "There is no space for a tree, but I could carry it to the parking lot." But I was heading in the opposite direction though - through the forest, to the bus.
 The goose berry tree made people happy when we passed each other, and it was also the perfect - so perfect it was natural and few people took notice - decoration at Olle's surprise party that evening. 
 I was very pleased.
Eventually, a branch broke off - maybe after a slightly violent bus ride - but then this could happen. It DOES look like I made a wine of it, doesn't it? 

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Recent mes.

On a chilly summer day, when I ate pizza from a restaurant that participated in pizza championship. As the staff said: "There is a competition for everything."
I especially loved the cloud berry jelly sweets we found at the end of that food festival. 
After a meeting, at Studentpalatset.
At a castle, before the guided tour. 
On the balcony, one of the first summer days which never* happen in spring.

*Three times each million years, I read in Dagens nyheter later. 

Saturday, 16 June 2018

The boy and the bikini thoughts

"I am polite, so I only look at the parts that are covered", the boy said.

"It is like with chicken - the white parts are the best", the boy said.

(Much more funny when you know it was well meant.)

Friday, 15 June 2018

"Did you blog about the hedgehog?"

I don't think I did. Here it is:
In Russian: ёж, or ёжик. In French: herisson. In Swedish: igelkott. Regardless - the nickname of and a real tattoo on the arm of the sister of my almost-twin Mark.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

"The sense of an ending" by Julian Barnes

I liked the design also before, but now with a lot of endings and time flying away covered by the author, it also makes more sense. 

I had a slight problem in the beginning. His language is - exquisite? a smoothly weaved motif of something modern, which combines the old and the new? - and that is also the reason to why I have this book in my possession. (The second is that I bought it at Hedengrens, an independent, well-sorted bookstore in Stockholm which was about to go bankrupt - and me and many other customers managed to save it.) I perfectly imagine everything depicted could have taken place; I am with the four boys in the classroom and see the teacher in front of me, I am the invisible guest when Tony meets Veronica's family, I read the e-mail conversations over Tony's shoulder, I am the bored waitress hearing the dull conversation between Tony, now a divorced adult, and his former wife. Here it is - dull. Tony didn't ever want much in life, but he is persistent when he wants to. Or maybe he just sums up the events in a way where the peak of events is left out, but almost covered, which keeps me intrigued but also surprised about me being intrigued.

And intrigue there is, more than one would think at first. All those small details makes Tony, as well as the reader, go aha and remind of the deceitfulness of a memory. Some images are clearer that others, and only when we go back in time in our thoughts do we remember more of the circumstances - and hopefully, what we forgot. In Tony's case - a letter, which also turns out to be a curse, not leaving him quiet maybe ever anymore. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The German biology professor and the girl

My host family had a friend over for two weeks - a German professor. We met for a few minutes throughout the day and never really had a proper chat, until we happened to take the same bus home and I for some unknown reason asked how old he thought I was. (He was in his 60+).

Professor: Zo you have bin travelling a bit and worked az a teacher. 23?
Me: Are you sure?.. Try again.
Professor (now more confident): 21!

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Hints and Biblical looks from 1583

I have written postcards and letters on buses and trains  - multitasking - or at sunset at home:
 Sent to Spain: the latest news on how small the world sometimes seems to be. 
 Full of cultural and geographical refrences, stamp included.
 Some Biblical refrences even. (It's a cover of the Bible - found at the Bodelian library.)
 Always a success - postcards as stationery. The middle one of velvet on one side. 
The now widely famous Huseby bruk. I plan to make a few of postcards like these when I get a drone - and while at it, design my own stationery :)

Monday, 11 June 2018

Museum Mission: Bogesunds slott

 Near Vaxholm outside of Stockholm: a castle that has been uninhabited during the past hundred years and that contributed to the creation of the law Lex Bogesund.
 The exterior is nothing like the interior,
 and summertime, Bogesund castle is almost invisible from all sides.
 It is also rented out for parties, baptisms and today -
 the wedding of Axel and Linn.
 Almost everything was set,
so we carefully cruised on the different floors, travelling in times: 1600's, 1700's and 1800's.
 The top floor was for representation and parties. Representations of wealth, of course; a dinner could be 120 dishes, and each guest had a feather to put down the throat to vomit and continue eating.
The towers on the sides were a later contribution, now serving as storage space, for example. 
The unusual "bonus" for the farmers and workers around was to walk up in one of the round towers to a super small room with a view of the premises. 
Some parts are intact exactly as they were - some replaced by fashion.
Who knew we would be fascinated by old wallpaper two hundred years later?
Some visitors wonder when Bogesund will be renovated. Well - never, that is the point. 
We wondered if picknicks was a big no-no back then because of the sun.
On the second floor, the joy! You were allowed to sit on ALL the furniture. 
Here we noticed it was a little bit dark; due to the long abandonment, the electrification was sparse. 
Until last year, Riksantikvarieämbetet did not give permission to remove the white layer of ceiling paper - a fashion cover-up in the 1800's - but now you can see some parts. There are 54 rooms and even a chapel - so probably each year, "new" parts will be opened up and displayed.
The Brahe family in the bedroom of the guards to wake up to every morning - below in the middle, Per Brahe (the founder) hidden below the chin of his white-curled wife. (This requires a closer look.)
Drone view as of now. 
Drone view winter time.
Not the least: the café here is very cozy, with tasty food.