Tuesday, 8 May 2018

VIP invitation to my balcony: summer (before)

Suddenly I woke up to 20 degrees of warmth. (It is quite a change from last weeks promising 12, and let's not mention for example Spanish summers that are "cold" when they are 35.) This was the moment! To go and get strawberries to cultivate.
But also a little beauty.
The florist actually said "good choices" when she had overviewed my selection of plants. The orange-red balcony member is a nemesia. Hopefully not as difficult to maintain as the name implies.
Dahlias from my childhood were tall as trees (and I was what, 1.05 meters?), so this is a blink to the past.
I plan to make an (interim) and (after) blogpost. The sticks to the left, you see, are a rose that is promised to bloom throughout ALL of July till late autumn (bonus: I will find out when autumn ends according to gardeners). And guess what is in the middle?
The (almost) same as here. Strawberries!!! Sorts evenly distributed to give fruit throughout most of the hot months and this one being cool in particular, as its berries are WHITE. Good if you are a bit allergic to strawberries, I learned.

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