Sunday, 13 May 2018

This week, I...

...took off my flats to cross the university area bare feet on the grass and saw Riccardo! He walked by so I saw only his profile and had big doubts. Here? In Stockholm? After five years? Did he come back from Italy? Turns out - he never left Sweden. I called his name, he happily spun around and spoke about his PhD, quantum computations and atomic force. I shone like a sun and talked about bringing harps to barbecues, politics and my bizarre cough.

...wanted to call Olle, took up my mobile phone to dial his number, and then I realised he stood behind me. Love when this happens. Stockholm is strange because you can't bring bikes on buses or trains (unless folded and tucked away), so he went by bike to Odenplan and I took the bus there to have a pizza together on the the grass on what must have been the first official summer day.
...tried a few guitars at a guitar shop, including this one-stringed gusla from Jugoslavia. My beats made a guy nod along, that was cool. Then I bought a plectrum made of stone (!), which a cute staff member in a black-and-white striped loose shirt and many piercings said gives an "attack sound". I tried it immediately, and he was quite right. There are also extra "nails" you put on as rings on your hands to protect your skin while playing, but that's just a strange invention. Feels like you get estranged from the instrument somehow.

...booked some of the trips for the summer! If we are lucky, we will get to see waterfalls and translucent shores in the national park called Snowdonia (doesn't it sound like a fairy tale city?) in Wales.

...made food so delicious, I took a bite and wondered if it was possible I had cooked it myself.

...had a theoretical chance to participate in a podcast!

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