Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The news that are not news - but actually, a traffic accident

David Silverman (an author and researcher) - and many before him - has a very good point. We construct the news to always be the same! When an author publishes a book - ok, that's new - the questions interviewers ask are the same. How close to your life is the text, and how did the text come to you? Or, the narrative in the newspaper depicting the book is similar: there is a good and a bad agent, a specific dramaturgy, specific roles in the text to play that have to be used and adapted.

Be it that one dramaturgy must fit in another (why? Does it Really make things easier?), or that there is too little space in the format offered by a newspaper to express more advanced structures that instead would have been the main focus in an advanced literature class, it's interesting. We make news news, so while to some (me) it is not much new if a football team scores more than another, it means the world to somebody else. Or like the father of my classmate - he says: What problems in Africa?! Here, look at this broken lamp - there is the problem, right in front of you!
Not all would agree with him either.

Also found in Silverman's book, a study made by a British company: when a traffic accident takes place, some percent of the bypassers slow down when driving by - to film or to watch. Now, the funny part which were made news in the Daily Telegraph: some percent of the people who slowed down to watch the accident become involved in an accident themselves, because they slowed down.  

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