Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The doppleganger chonicles: circle getting more narrow

I have a latent hobby: finding me, myself and I that are biologically not related. Latent, because it is a thing I hear of from time to time. Hobby, because I do not take it very seriously. It is great fun though.


Which means, soon I will actually encounter them myself. Statistics is on my side.

1. Here are some of the first observations. 

2. A neighbour also sent a photo of a girl sleeping on the train who looked like me, and 

3. a girl used to work at the same school where I was teaching. I wrote to her on Facebook, but she never saw the message. We really looked alike - I could even see it myself.

4. My old students asked me if I was working extra as a train driver, because someone who looked like me did.

5. Tove, an acquintance, said I looked, talked and moved like the sister of her ex-boyfriend. It was to some extent scary, she said.

6. A friend thought she saw me in the Stockholm crowd and almost even called my name, but the 6th me was too far away.

7. A girl with the same name as me, Jana, said that she saw me at the library at Stockholm university last Monday at 2 p.m., "but never approached to say hi". That was not me - I was at a different part of town at that time. I asked Jana to talk to my look-alike if she ever would see her again.

So - at least four girls who look very much like me are in Stockholm. The other three girls that I know of could be the same individuals - but if not, this is getting cooler and cooler. Funniest thing would of course be to throw a party together or go to a party and present all of us as Jana (or one of the other girls' names).

8. There is also a man who doesn't look like me, but who's interests and way of talking, including the topics he chooses to bring up, are supposedly the same as mine. We have never met; all information is provided by his sister, who I study with. Moreover, this guy has been talking to my friend on the net for completely different reasons, without knowing her and certainly not knowing me knowing her. We found out by a mere coincidence. I hope to be able to call him this week.

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