Saturday, 19 May 2018

The best ways to write an exam: pro tips

Our deeply respected lecturer gave us her best strategies for writing an exam that I want to share.

1. Create your own space. At the table where you are seated, imagine an air cubicle that is only yours. You mark it by placing your favourite pen or a fruit in the corner or at the right distance. Maybe it's your favourite chocolate bar, that you will treat yourself with later. (I thought of bringing a tiny cute plant, but that might not be allowed). Buy your favourite beverage if that makes you happy, droplets of all happiness are needed to give you comfort.

2. You focus on yourself. Ignore what happens around you, or you lose time. The hours ahead of you are super precious, and they are only yours.

3. Once you start hating the content, put it aside. Look out in the air. Relax. Then come back to the text.

4. Think of it in terms of cost per hour. You are doing this to get money, you need the money, so you can do it.

And of course, take every minute you can to do old exams to be well prepared.

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