Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Shake that stony ass, shoot those cannons

So - the Danish castle where the Hamlet events took place, but everyone knew it was about British court. Don't mind the ice, we were there in an ordinarily cold March.
We decided to not enter the castle itself, 
but to walk on the premises a bit.
Can I just say that I am gorgeous?
Maybe it's like a hidden talent, liking oneself on photos.
Just shortly after my return home, Olle sent me a postcard from Sveaborg - an island outside of Helsinki with "Russian-made cannons, because they were pointed inwards land". So these cannons must have been Danish? As they point towards Denmark itself.
Vildana was a better giant than King Kong.
There is a brewery as well, "brew with a view".
I would have wanted the bridge to open up and close on occasions. Like, every 30 minutes, to make it look like the old times a bit more.
We decided to not go inside the castle that day.
The surroundings felt cool enough.
Much cooler than it looks: it's an underground museum which is in the place of an old dockyard.
His female counterpart resides in Copenhagen.
Not a hugger.
More interesting men.
I had the idea that Denmark is famous for its pastry, but Vildana says it's just that the pastry is different - it is not a thing. Well, then: I like Danish pastry.
Literally sitting on the signpost directing to a gallery :)
Oh, my lady, if I may...
...Err, certainly not, my lord.

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