Friday, 11 May 2018

Real-life problem solving: the complexities of fashion

The by far most complex place that offers each individual problems to solve is an average shop with fashion clothes for women. 

Almost any garment forces the customer to project a theoretic 3D-model of it to optimize the effects (transparency, glittering, decolletage) and minimize the risks (transparency, sliding off shoulders, rips in the material, bad matches with other pre-existent garments on upper and lower levels of the body). The ground zero risk assessment requires contemplation, the assistance of several mirrors and preferrably at least one friend, even more preferrably present on site and not assisting over a mobile device. Sometimes, this results in extra forces of deformation being applied, such the aid of a seamstress, or in severe cases, modifications of the body itself - ranging from tricks as lying on the floor while closing the zip of trousers or change of diets and further.

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