Monday, 7 May 2018

Passionate characters: the recent inbox/outbox harvest

After the lecture at the municipality archive, I inevitably started thinking how I as a character would be reconstructed if anyone came across ALL the letters I have ever written (but nothing else, for example if this blog was excluded).

First of all, they are written in different languages and my handwriting is always subject to interpretation, so potential problems right there. Another crucial component ought to be what the correspondents reply. It would then become evident that I  [...] and [...]. But well - would anyone who arose from the dead and read their post mortem biographies (partly based on the letters they wrote) find them pleasing and accurate? Those with a narcissist pinch of character might enjoy it, maybe. Besides: this is the last piece of stationary I got from Denmark in 2015. I went to the same shop in Copenhagen again and alas, my disappointment.
This card was very pretty, though. Bless the cards and curse the Danish stamps. I am not a filatelist, I just want to send letters abroad for a reasonable price, come on. At this rate, I could just as well hitchhike over and hand the recipient the postcard myself.
Vildana's and mine inside joke about birds might never end.
Purchased from the local artist himself! He has been in the business since he was 15 and can clearly tell there are trends in art.
Feathers as motifs on letters for some reason always look super delightful. 

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