Monday, 28 May 2018

Museum Mission: Forum för levande historia / The Living History Forum

Last time I stepped in here and happily announced Finally Getting To This Museum, the lady at the counter sourly enlighted me this certainly was not a museum. But it is on the museum list and there are exhibitions?.. Let's call it a "museum plus", as it actually is part of the Department of Culture.

The reception now was excellent in comparison and I was so moved by parts of the exhibition that I cried. The temporary exhibition - to a large extent attached to wool rug-like covers, easily recognised from World war II - is about a grandfather and his wife who survived Gulag. The tone is personal and the most common terms, no matter how common, like perestroika, are explained. Another favourite was the story and fight of Raphaël Lemkin for the juridical establishment of genocide. He reacted to the oddness of that being executed for manslaughter was possible, but after killing thousands of people, governments could still be free. Not the least: the Per Anger prize (which does very well in English - it doesn't sound like a name), handed out by the Swedish Government "to promote initiatives supporting human rights and democracy." Many times, the recipients cannot attend the ceremony, because the government or other forces doesn't let them to. The more important them being awarded the prize. 

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