Friday, 4 May 2018

A recent luncheon

"Hey, wanna go for lunch at the castle?" I kind of said.
A colleague thought it was a great idea and tagged an old friend along,
so we drove to Drottningholm slott with the feeling of being on a road trip
for what was for me the first lunch in the Swedish sun this year.
She swore the hamburger was excellent, so I saw no other way out but trying it.
It was a hamburger. If someone had asked, "what is a hamburger?", I would have offered them mine and they would have understood the concept, the flavours, the looks, the ups and downs of  getting smeary fingers from the oil on the fries and the key components being stapled on each other as an art of balance.
But then they might not have wanted to come back. Or tried a burger somewhere else. Or given it ten second chances, like I did with sushi once. Or, most likely, have said:
 "Jana, you are very picky with hamburgers."

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