Thursday, 19 April 2018

Zombies can give you friends (warning to sensitive readers)

"I am reading a book about zombies", I announce to a friend in class right before I bounce down on the chair. She lights up and gets super excited:
"Really? What is it called?", fires out her phone and googles it immediately, in different languages ("The girl with all the gifts", something with Pandora in Russian), and stays really happy for the rest of the class :)
The cover gives not much reason to cheer - and had it not been for the erudite salesman who loves reading books, I would quickly had put it down. But he sounded convincing: unusual story, intrigued all the way, not really zombies (he avoided an explanation on purpose). Well-written, soon available as pocket (he preferred pocket). Now, having finished it, I argue more or less the same, but I do so reluctantly: I still don't like zombies. If you do - this is a gem. On the plus side again, there is FINALLY a scientific motivation for the zombies. The author made me feel smart by accurate explanations, so I could deduce the rest.

Even though I am not a fan to say the least, I can appreciate the humor in the oldie-goldie title "Pride and predjuice and zombies", where all possibilities to add zombies are taken, or the writings that Canada has a defence program ready in case the country suffers such an attack, so the few parts in this book (they are really not many, which maybe makes it worse) with intestines being eaten didn't exactly made me as happy as the friend in class, but the language and the scientific touch were refreshung. The people felt real - I could have been one of them, and one of the scientists mentioned I have even met! (She was awarded the Nobel prize some years ago.) THAT was a happy moment. 

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