Saturday, 7 April 2018

Travelling with Hamlet (Emergency blogging)

So I am a bit stuck on my way to a party on a bus because of road constructions  - we almost took the ferry over first, but there arose an obstacle there as well. Wait, now we are rolling again! With speed! Ok, still, here are some photos I have had the time to import from the Denmark trip.
Hamlet is closer than you might think: according to Shakespeare, this Danish castle with surroundings is where all the drama took place. Except he meant the British court. Hamlet is also the name of the boat we took from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Helsingør (Denmark). Photo of castle itself in next blogpost or so.
Beware of the Hippo!..
 Technically, we were looking for a cozy café I found in a Copenhagen guide on Sandra Beijer's blog. We found that not only had the café ceased to exist, the entire building had undergone demolition. 
These shoes on real plants made people walk right in, not even checking what the store was about first.
And it was windy. It often is, but in a really disturbing way. The next day, for comparison, there was not even a breeze.

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