Sunday, 29 April 2018

Mostly Jérémy's perspective: a very unsinister culture night

Jana and I met up at Kungsträdgården to get hold of tickets for tonight's events.

It was a lovely, sunny day.
 We seized the moment and had a great early dinner - there would be no time for food later, we thought.
While being in the queue for the tickets to a dance battle arranged by the Dance museum, we took photos of Jana standing on a bench.
People were looking...
But we amused ourselves and danced in the queue, too.

Then Matilda also came along.
And we had dinner again.

We started walking to the science fiction shop in Gamla stan to get our future told. The shop had not really planned for their own future that night, so we went back to:

The dance battle. It was delightful, and then it was time for rushing to the Opera house.
We photographed each other.
Oh, the chandeliers? I thought you would ask. We took plenty of photos of them, so did everyone else.
Jana was part of some Coca-Cola ad.
She likes taking photos, just like me.
Then the clock struck time for a visit at the Banco house.

We calculated the waiting time and estimated it to be half an hour.
But it would become much longer.
Yet, contentedness remained.
A lady in old-fashioned clothes came by to inform for how long we had to wait.
The famous restaurant where the Swedish Royal Academy eats every Thursday.
The entrance.
The view from the bridge where they transported money. The fake windows on each side were painted for symmetry. That's the people waiting to get into the house by the way - us a mere hour ago.
At the meeting room.
Here I think Jana hinted I should take a photo.
A ghost.
It was a building Jana thought would be interesting to rent for the sake of a party.
Just imagine.

Statens fastighetsverk used to have their main office here till about two weeks ago.
When we got out, sun had set long ago, so we headed to...
...Nordiska museet.

We thought the café here was great for future dates.
King Vasa waited for us.


No response, I will just start feasting on the tulips.

Jana said I had beautiful eyes.

Then the clock struck 11 p.m., and we parted ways for more, unknown adventures.

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