Saturday, 28 April 2018

Mostly Jana's perspective: a really unsinister culture night

Oh là là bonjour Jérémy! Let's go and get tickets to culture night's different shows (which was Saturday a week ago).
We watched a dance battle at the Dance Museum: ballroom dance meets ballet, and then at the Opera house...
...we saw more, complicated ballet. A lady exclaimed: "How do they remember everything?"
Very distinct styles -
unfortunately, not known to me from which pieces.
Oh, the chandeliers? I thought you might ask. Yes, they have their own instragram accounts by now, everyone was taking photos.
Moving on to the Banco house! The oldest bank building in the world.
This troubadour was so loud, the guided tour indoors was inaudible behind the first door at the entrance.
But for that, one had to be in a queue first. 
We didn't mind - we talked to the lady behind us about the drama Swedish Royal Academy and entertained ourselves. We hoped Sara Danius will keep her post; in an interview I read with her years ago, she had said herself that a position at the academy is eternal; one can get divorced or go through other life-changing happenings, but the position at the academy will stay.
No one is renting the building at the moment, so it was rather empty.
And as most rooms were used for storage only, few of them are fancy.
Those that are,
were used for meetings.
We were warned for ghosts, and there actually was one! He was well-dressed and paid. Next up, workers' union for ghosts.
If you look up, between the Banco house and an adjacent building, there is a bridge. It looks like an after-construction; it is not. This is where money were transported. Uhmm not seen in the photo, but here is Jérémy again.
From high to low: the mechanic (!) well.
As water is literally outside the window, the house has undergone several surgeries, making it as immovable as possible.
Soil intersection to explain the statement I just made.
As most of the interior is white and grey, it reminds of a hospital or a school from say the 1920's.
Fat happy angels and some other wealth symbols in the meetings room... outside the box.
Then off to Nordiska musset.
At this point, we had indulged on culture for about five hours.
Now, over to Jérémy (and when I borrowed his camera) in the next post.

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