Thursday, 26 April 2018

Houston, we have... a drink incoming

Flying to Hamburg: a man fainted and ambulance met up at the airport. I missed most of it, as I was asleep, so my neighbour briefed me about how the man was carried unconscious to the back of the plane.
Flying from Hamburg: stewardess approached a man behind me with a can of beer. "This is for you from a friend on row 4." Minor complexity about this, 1: the guy behind me just attended a bachelor party in Hamburg - so was someone in the front making up for something? See, he wasn't entirely happy to receive the beer, but he saw no way out but to drink it. Minor complexity, 2: the man behind me had just met a guy on the plane, and they both said they were happy to see each other, but they lied. This was because guy 1 hesitated before telling guy 2 he was in Hamburg visiting friends - and guy 2 seemed to have attended a bachelor party of a friend guy 1 and guy 2 had in common, to which guy 1 was not invited. Guy 1 continued to the back, so he could not have been the one who bought guy 2 the beer. Unless - guy from fourth row meant something else with the number of the row, or the beer in itself was a specific symbol in itself and did in fact come from the back (but now I am totally speculating). XOXO, Gossip Girl

Conclusion: I totally will encourage friends to flirt by bying drinks to people on the same plane.

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