Sunday, 15 April 2018

Hamburg so far

 Some day, I will find art to buy for my home. Buy extra luggage, initiate a complicate shipping procedure, and maybe bring something like this. 
 There have been quite a lot of walking and rain during my stay. Britain might be famous for precipitation most of the time, but it might not beat Hamburg.
Can you believe that Cécile knows a girl who works at a crêperie, which is inside one of the few (five) ancient buildings that are the only ones to survive the bombings? Even the friend I am visiting here in Hamburg got a pleasant surprise, and I got to speak French and eat a great crêpe with ratatouille and goat cheese, but the French male waitor managed to be rude in a polite way. This explains my look.
If you don't want the Fish for 60 €, you could have the frame for 18. 
Ceci n'est pas un thé! It's cider.
Quite some development has taken place since 1900, but this theme park has stayed a family tradition since and the amusement machines have gotten... maximised. At least 50% of the fun is watching this spinning activity, with fog spray, comments on what is going on from the speakers and fake racing Formula-1 sounds. If you go, try also the pickles, banana on a stick and find the truck that is a bit off, which makes art of doughnut cushions in cute wafer baskets. 

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