Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Fishing for men

 When I was on the bus, emergency blogging, the destination of the party was Vaxholm. This city lives up in the summer, 
 but that's visible before summer too.
 Since we had been on the bus for an hour, almost parked on the highway, we said hi to the hostess and then went for a walk to refresh our spirits. (This surely is an euphemism for something else - I allude to fresh air and ideas only.)
I had a few breakthroughs: playing tic tac toe with these while being on a boat (kayaking, maybe?), but then I realised the game needed more speed to be fun. Lara Croft-speed, adventures making the game on the slow boats worthwhile. Another breakthrough was to knock on doors and ask for single men, inviting them to the party. What? Like men didn't knock on strangers' doors and said they would marry the daughters? We do, after all, start with consent in the question. 
One of the invited boyfriends, who we met on our way back, brought this perfect Easter egg. 
The odds: when I glued this unicorn to the collage, the hostess got cake forms shaped as a star and a unicorn minutes later! Great party :)

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