Friday, 13 April 2018

Divulging in about 22,500 jokes about swans and cranes

Great idea: go to Hornborgasjön, north of Falköping, and watch thousands of birds getting ready for spring. Even better idea: to actually do it^^ Trandans is the particular spot where the crane's meet. 
So, we got in the car for four hours and arrived to for example this flea market and found this glass rod not even the vendor had suggestions for how to use, bought postcards with birds,
but most importantly - we got to see the birds.
However, no matter how much you love sea gulls, water-hens and ducks, it was clear that the promised thousands of birds were either hiding far away or that we were at the wrong place.
So we went to the other side of the lake, and there they were!
Over 22,000 of them, actually. The individuals are counted each sunset, when they fly to sleep in the middle of the lake.
I thought there would be much more noise, but it was much nicer than picking someone up at the pub. The cranes actually dance when they flirt, and when they do, they jump up and down of joy. The procedure is ended with a particular fanfare sound. Not clear to me how the crane that's is subject to the courtship responds.
Which is the favourite country of the swan? Botswana.
How heavy is a swan? I believe it's light like a feather. What kind of berries are the crane's favourite? Cranberry.
Hey, check out swan 48. Wasn't he here yesterday? Excuse me, I AM swan 48.
Ooh, the VIP pond. Let me introduce you to the VIP bush and the VIP hill later.

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