Saturday, 7 April 2018

Cinderella and "bakery stuff"

I still have no exact explanation for why a facial cream or a body butter is a good thing, but I assume the skin is less stressed if it gets more moisture. (A more complex argumentation is available, just ask.) So, at the facial cream store, vendor presents a miracle cream (you already know it, the brand is Peter Thomas Roth).

"This contains gold. It gives a Cinderella effect [sic!] and straightens the fine lines on the face."

"But doesn't that dry out the skin? To straighten it, the skin has to be pulled. What makes that happen?" I ask.

Vendor looks at me like I just arrived from the moon.

"It's what's inside the jar that does it. The contents."

This reminds me of my Pakistani neighbour who proudly brought me a box with pastry after a quick trip to Lahore. I had never seen such pieces before, dripping with sugar and probably popular at weddings.

"What is inside?'" I curiously asked.

"Bakery stuff", he explained. 

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