Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Auction coming up!

Oh, I promise, Hamburg adventures and also the trip to Skåne (Scania) are lined up and just want to be published. But this unusual thing is happening first, tomorrow: Stockholms länsmuseum is a museum that SELLS parts of its things 12-18! How unusual isn't that? I will rush my best and will be lucky to get at least 20 minutes at the end, mayhaps at the point when there is nothing left. Still worth a try!
 ...but by the time I got there, all runic stones and objects of similar interest were of course long gone. All the furniture was on sale, so had I had say a studio, there were excellent tables for DIY purposes. Many items were entirely free. Best buy: these umbrellas, one for me and one for my brother.
Bonus: we got to see some demolition. Such a nice place? Why destroy it? But maybe they didn't have many customers and a makeover was the only solution. 

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