Saturday, 21 April 2018

At last! First day in Hamburg

Ilo met me up with FLOWERS. This made me so happy! We had the idea to use some of them as a hair decoration later, but were too busy thinking about everything nice else.
Pretty much straight away, we went to her art studio. I had to ask if the litter bin was in fact a litter bin, because you never know with art studios.
This British (I assume) lad in yet another studio was seated in a converted trolley/vehicle which was quite difficult to steer - I tried to drive him around for a bit.
Then we went for some (unplanned) outfit shootings on the roof.
It had just stopped raining, and it was the second day this entire year I could walk sleeveless. Enjoyed it SO MUCH.
Super fancy, yes.
Behind me - the main building of the same art academy.
We went there too, of course,
to see these squares on the floor which the guide took half an hour to explain were not squares, but a mere illusion, Ilo explained.
Second favourite, or maybe shared first place, about art academies is the empty vast spaces one can transform into anything - and then the small details that appear anywhere.
More outfit photos! Right before checking off one of the long-standing items on my dream shopping list.
You get the gloria idea, of course.
Nearby - trains and a subway.
Already here, you see the sign that directs you to the secret place that would shake a little because of the subway.
It was an antique shops' alley!
First with cobblestones, then more common floors.
Eugene, a shop owner, could speak Swedish with us - because, be ready to gasp - he had spent THREE MONTHS in the city Västerås when he was 10 years old.
The item I had longed so long for was a pair of not over-dimensioned binoculars, not by Karl Zeiss (that is like carrying a fortune), not made in China, not too heavy, not with gas inside. And I found it! The man who sold it to me offered to take this photo - and the man inside this café made the strangest scam ever: he said the cake was 2.30€, then came back to our table mumbling and took another 10 cents from my palm. What? "That's not a scam", Silvia said later, "that's just being rude".

Ilo found a table with built-in chairs, I looked at cutlery I could not bring in my hand luggage.
Do come here! This is the second exit/entrance.
I was also happy about the shoes here. More brands available than in Sweden. To the right, not visible in this photo, there was a clever line-up of cups three homeless guys had set up. Each cup had a colourful paper underneath, describing what bypassers could sponsor: MDMA, Weed, Food, Drink, Ecstacy and some other. I sponsored the food project, a guy put coins in the Weed cup.
Rounding up with some eye candy/beverage containers.

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