Thursday, 5 April 2018

A list of personal fun facts to discuss and remember forever

1. Seats on trains are turned forward or backward, as you know. Whenever I get an assigned seat, it is almost a rule of thumb that it is a reversed one. This even includes cases when friends book seats for me.

2. I rarely finish a cup of tea - because below a certain amount of degrees of the water, my tastebuds lose interest. A solution to this has been either to get a mug which gets smaller at the top - or very little tea.

3. I can read quite fast (and faster even if I am to look for one particular detail only). A test showed that I can read more than about 900 words per minute in Swedish, currently my first language. It is not always enjoyable to ski downhill like this with your eyes, though.

4. I have such a distinguishable laugh, that two different people, on completely different occasions, have come up to me to say they saw a *random* clip on Youtube and heard me laughing in the audience - but wanted to confirm it was true the laugh was mine.

It was.

I also have laughed so hard that an entire pub (small though) went silent, as late as last autumn.

5. I have never smoked.

6. I have not visited all museums in Stockholm still since I began about four years ago, but the remaining ones make up a short list.

7. My doctor called me "almost super sonic" this February - my hearing is super good. She went through a diagram with me of hearing and ageing and concluded I hear just as well as a teenager. How cool is not that?

8. I have taken apart a particle accelerator that was sent to Germany to be part of another, bigger, particle accelerator. A British lady who heard me mentioning this said, "My daughter also works with theatre."

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