Sunday, 18 March 2018

When I fell deeply in love, like Alice into Wonderland

It happened suddenly.

We had our first date on New Year's Eve and it was clear we liked each other from the start. Details added up: he had the most fantastic eyes, transparent like the oceans near equatorial paradises on a cloudy day, was a great cook and - amazingly - we shared the same humor.

I think I know the exact time. 20 hours later after we had first met, I looked out into thin air and said it out as a whisper to myself:

I love you. 

And it turned out that he felt the same.

He called me and played the guitar. He called me when I was almost asleep and I listened to him doing the dishes as a lullaby, which was cozy and super romantic: I told him I pictured him doing art with the water and the plates in imaginative shapes.

We danced without music. I told a friend how we danced, and that friend and I tried to dance the same way with each other. It is a very special, calming way which adds to the communication.

Every single day, I would wake up and fall head over heels in love with him again. The mere appearance of his name in my calendar gave me a goofy smile and my heart started racing.  

Time flew buy when we were together. I was high as a kite on feelings and as things about him revealed, I would go wow, because it felt like a statistically incredible match. Yet, one could wonder - why him? Why now? What made it so special? My heart takes this in and just smiles as an answer.

I have never, ever, felt this way before. It was super powerful, the kind of power which makes you effortlessly cross mountains in winter without even thinking of food. I knew I was experiencing something not everybody gets to during a lifetime. Friends warned me: it is the famous phase that will fade after three months. 

It didn't fade after three months; a different fate took place. As of now, I don't know if I will ever experience something like this again, but I of course really hope so. I know one thing for sure: I cannot want anything less fantastic.

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