Wednesday, 7 March 2018

What was the password? What was inside the gift?!

As you might remember, there was a particular gift box I got for my birthday: it needed a password and had to eat cookies to get acess to the clues inside. 
Let's not keep up the tension: this was the gift - MORE pastry of the same type. I'll say it again: it was super delicious, like the work of a prixe-winning bakery.

It took the help of two friends and quite some time to figure out - maybe 30 minutes altogether, not counting the days of eating, but I figured it out!
Cristina hinted it should be a towel; I was thinking the same. She also suggested "gum" - so I excluded "Stimorol" and "chewing" from the "chewing gum". Sandra thought it could be a candle or even an egg (though soft inside).

C. figured the entire password out before me, but happened to give me a hint not on purpose: that the answer might have been in non-English, after all. It turned out to be kind of a mix? "Grattis" is "congratulations" or a short form for "happy birthday".

Two hundred and four (the chess board question)

Now, I have the best birthday gift for Silvia figured out, but for the summer. She was not happy at first, because she still was enjoying what was left of her current age, but I am quite sure my timing will be perfect :)

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