Monday, 12 March 2018

"Under det rosa täcket" ("Under the pink duvet") by Nina Björk

I actually have attended one of Björk's lectures and asked her a question. The discussion at that moment went about what boundaries the state and the citizens have in relation to each other, and at one point I was compelled to know if she supported the ideology of the state paying its inhabitants to have children. She did not.

But that is a side point. This book reflects about the female, the Woman, the female body, feminism, the individual, de Beauvoir, Butler and many more. The concluding words are that we can never look at anything without a pair of cultural glasses; what is feminism to us here is not necessarily the feminism needed somewhere else, and that we always create our values in relation to each other. What's , for example, the point of gender? Our biological looks can stay exactly what they are without any musts or expectations to them. How interesting isn't that? Omit all you know that you define as masculine, omit everything that you define as feminine - then what is left? And how are we going to use this information?

Definitely an interesting book to read.

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