Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sold souls and the non-bacterium party

Educative parties are the best. Now I know that: during WWII, the suspicious sounds the Swedish submarine staff heard was not Russian submarines nearby, but, I kid you not, the farts of herring. Fish in general make more sounds than you think, for example to find partners, and hear with the sides of their bodies. Now I also know that hallucinogen mushrooms permanently change your personality - I thought their effects were just temporal.

And no one dressed up as bacteria/pipette/antibiotics, except for me, but Silvia brought one that she made out of the sleeve of a dress.

Olle showed a contract from the time when he and his friends were collecting souls. For 5 crowns, they managed to get this one, which is stored in a human hair and completed with personal answers (Do you do art? "Yes and no", What colour is Monday?  "Blue.") We considered the fun of contacting a person to give his soul back for his bachelor's party - that would be tremendous. 

...And now I just spoke with a friend over the phone, who spent the night in a prison. Långholmen prison! The one that is re-made into a hostel these days :) Amazing weekend ;)

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