Thursday, 8 March 2018

Recipes for smiles

Let's be amused by my digital inbox for a few seconds. 
 Yeah, totally, because how else would one teach?!
 This joke works the best in Swedish: minoritet. But, with some effort, "mine tea", or "minority [mine... tea]" could also be considered fun in English. Hey, I didn't say it was easy or straightforward. 
 I am thinking, the more detailed the question, the more detailed the answer, but as the answer will contain information we not yet know, it could be very difficult to understand. Moreover, if the answer must be restricted for humans to understand, it might not be the entire answer after all? And, who is answering? And how - in an email? As a soothing conversation in our heads?
 "Paris. Doctor's strike" :D 

These made me smile - but the latter takes the price.  I still giggle when I think of it.
. . .
And my favourite: the presentation of a group of plants that need some care while the owner is gone.
"They are nice, tidy, non-smokers, with a good economy. No pets"
OF COURSE I will water them ♡

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