Sunday, 11 March 2018

Planet service, a semi-elf and probably the happiest bacteria ever

 Naturhistoriska riksmuseet is cool with its huge whales and informative species exhibitions - but my favourites are almost always the gemstones section and today, the temporary exhibition by Erik Johansson as well. Is it hanging in water or the sky?..
 Oh no, how can we skate now?
 This we sort of knew. They are surely polished every night, too.
 Fluorescent stones <3
 Silvia said that if you hold sulphur in your hands to make it warm and listen to it, you will hear a buzzing. How cool! I also learned that fish make sounds (actual soundtracks were available) and hear with the sides of their bodies.
And this is my party outfit for the forest theme! I did not score any points in the best costume competition, but today I got another invitation - to a BACTERIA PARTY. It's 136 years since Robert Koch discovered the source of tuberculosis, so I might get dressed as a pipette, or a microscope, or a bacteria. 

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